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By Vesperia on Oct 12, 2009

This is something I made in my bored time. I never found somethinng that made using niicklist commands like kick, ban, whois simplier. So here's one I made. It's not complete but I'll update. Also put this in popups under "nicklist" otherwise it won't function properly.

.kick:/kick # $1 $?="Kick reason."
.ban:/ban # $address($1,2) | /kick # $1 $$?="Give ban reason."
.access:/cs access # add $1 $?="Give access number"
.akick:/cs akick # add $address($1,2) $$?="Give akick reason."
.version:/ctcp $1 version
.ping:/ctcp $1 ping
.time:/ctcp $1 time
.voice:/mode # +v $1
.devoice:/mode # -v $1
.halfop:/mode # +h $1
.dehalfop:/mode # -h $1
.op:/mode # +o $1
.deop:/mode # -o $1
.protect:/mode # +a $1
.deprotect:/mode # -a $1
.owner:/mode # +q $1
.deowner:/mode # -q $1
.except:/mode # +e $address($1,2)
.unexcept:/mode # -e $address($1,2)
Whois:/whois $1
Notice:/notice $1 $?="What do you want to notice $1 $+ ?"


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Vegitha   -  May 06, 2012

menu nicklist,query {

should be added at the beginning

Vesperia   -  Oct 13, 2009

Ok I'll add the rest of it when I'm done. But to those that don't know please put this is remotes and delete the nicklist part of your mIRC because it might interfere.

Dean`Alexander   -  Oct 13, 2009

Only a minor alteration...

I would change "Whois:/whois $1" to include a further $1 to make it a full WHOIS

Mainly cos I like it that way...

Whois:/whois $1 $1

Otherwise, a tidy little script there

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