By cantthink96 on Oct 03, 2009

This Is the simplest code on hawkee.com it tells the time and date of where the owner is such as !time
It is 5:45 on 10/3/09 Where i am.

;Do not type anything after !time might effect
;created by cantthink96

on *:TEXT:!time*:#:{
  msg $chan $nick it is $time on $date where i am }


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Jethro   -  Jan 17, 2010

You can also use $fulldate in place of $asctime

gooshie   -  Jan 17, 2010

It would display the time of the comptuter where the script is installed.

on *:TEXT:!time:#:msg # $nick it is $asctime where I am.
MagicRevealer09   -  Jan 17, 2010

is you type !time replacing chatter with a user in the chat, it displays there time...

Jethro   -  Oct 06, 2009

Ok, you don't need the wildcard (*) just

on *:TEXT:!time:#:{

will suffice.

Cracker200   -  Oct 06, 2009

Lol tell him shanker says hi ;P

cantthink96   -  Oct 05, 2009

Yea why ?? ?

Cracker200   -  Oct 04, 2009

ROFL You know Paras cantthink96????

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