Host check

By RusselB on Sep 13, 2009

This snippet was written to check to see if a specified host resolved back correctly, or if it resolved to another address, which in turn had to be resolved (possibly several times over), before getting a final valid match.

Usage: /check_host

must be a valid address format eg: or 127.345.67.92 ```mirc alias check_host { if $hget(DNS) { hfree DNS } if !$1 { .notice $me Check host error. No host specified } else { set %dns $1 .dns %dns } } on *:DNS:{ if !$window(@DNS) { window @DNS } else { echo @DNS $crlf } if !$dns(0) { .hadd -m DNS %dns Un-resolved .echo @DNS %dns Un-resolved } else { set $+(%,a,.,%dns) 1 set $+(%,b,.,%dns) $dns(0) while $($+(%,a,.,%dns),2) <= $($+(%,b,.,%dns),2) { .hadd -m DNS %dns $dns($($+(%,a,.,%dns),2)).addr $dns($($+(%,a,.,%dns),2)).ip echo @DNS %dns $dns($($+(%,a,.,%dns),2)).addr $dns($($+(%,a,.,%dns),2)).ip if (%dns == $dns($($+(%,a,.,%dns),2)).addr) && !$hfind(DNS,$+(*,$dns($($+(%,a,.,%dns),2)).ip),0,w) { set %dns $dns($($+(%,a,.,%dns),2)).ip dns %dns } else { if (%dns == $dns($($+(%,a,.,%dns),2)).ip) && !$hfind(DNS,$+($dns($($+(%,a,.,%dns),2)).addr,*),0,w) { set %dns $dns($($+(%,a,.,%dns),2)).addr dns %dns } } inc $+(%,a,.,%dns) } } halt } ```


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RusselB   -  Oct 02, 2009

Yes, the snippet would go into the remotes section.
1) Press Alt + R
2) If the page that shows is not blank, Click File -> New
3) Copy & paste the snippet from here to the blank remote page.
4) Click File -> Save & Exit

MSJ   -  Oct 02, 2009

Thank you for your other question as I'm getting used to mIRC..

Where does the snippet go, the remote or ?

Again, I appreciate your help and time..

RusselB   -  Oct 02, 2009

Kindly clarify what it is about the script that you consider to be not working.
This script is being used by myself and a few other IRC network owners, and I have not heard from any of them that there is a major problem.

elpito   -  Oct 02, 2009

this not workz

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