auto ident

By M_CaNaDa on Feb 08, 2004

this is an auto ident when u put it into the right place. alt + r and paste that there , you also have to put your password where it says "password"

on 1:NOTICE:*/msg*NS*IDENTIFY*<password>*:?://msg NS identify password


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asianimage   -  Aug 09, 2004

on 1:connect: { .ns identify [nick] [password]

asianimage   -  Aug 09, 2004

easier way...if you have \"Raws\" in your script, just put \" on 1:connect: { .ns identify \" or else just put wherever you want

 Respond   -  Feb 28, 2004

else {

 Respond   -  Feb 22, 2004

Yep, that\'s true, sailoreagle.

X-FILE   -  Feb 09, 2004

not very effective , what about when you use two registred nicks with different passwords and you change them costantly while connected ?

sailoreagle   -  Feb 09, 2004

Or you could use /msg, /msg, etc... :P But I wasn\'t on about /ns vs /nickserv vs /msg nickserv, I was on about the different ways services are configured to ask you for your password and the way even a simple identify command can vary from network to network.

 Respond   -  Feb 08, 2004

For example, networks like DALnet don\'t allow /msg NickServ, /msg ChanServ, and /msg MemoServ, instead you use /ns, /nickserv, /cs, /chanserv, /ms, and /memoserv.

sailoreagle   -  Feb 08, 2004

The one problem I can see with this snippet is that not all networks\' services ask you to identify to your nick that way... also, that way you\'ll perform the identify command every time nickserv asks you to identify, no matter what the nick is. So you could be trying to identify to a nickname that doesn\'t belong to you. I\'d use an if statement to check whether the nick you\'re using is one of the ones you have registered, and if so, perform the identify command, if not, do nothing.

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