Simple Host Saver

By wto_xray on Sep 12, 2009

Suggestions are welcome, enjoy :)

on *:load: { 
echo -a You've Just Uploaded Xray's Simple Host Saver!! }
menu nicklist {
  $1's Host $address($1,4)
  .Add:/write hosts.txt $1's Host $address($1,1) | echo -a Youve added $1 to the Host Saver
  .Open:/run hosts.txt
menu channel {
  Open Hostlist :/run hosts.txt 


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slub77   -  Sep 13, 2009

Jethro FOR MINE I HAVE A SEPTATE script with this commands along with there things that is relevant to the snipped i posted in my previous post.

On my menu script i have a UN ban and such in that menu script the UN ban section has U ban $1 UN ban ? aka put the address in and a host list if they want to look at hosts when entering manually.

My menu script can be fount at:

Jethro   -  Sep 13, 2009 save the hostmasks of the hosties...and then what do you do afterward?

mIRC has a built-in aop list dialog where you can save host addresses, along with $aop identifier that you can do with an event to reference +o procedure.

slub77   -  Sep 12, 2009

umm why not just use

menu nicklist {
.Add host:/write host.txt $1 $address($1,1)
.open:/run host.txt

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