Acronym replacer, self-censor, auto-correct

By tra_orex on Sep 08, 2009

would be better with hash or maybe regex but I'm a lazy son of a gun but bored to boot.

anyways, drawbacks, will not work if you start or end a sentence with these, or if you append punctuation

this here be mainly for D2K7, borderline too short to add to here what with most of it being random replacers I've added over the time I've had it

alas, it can be useful, taking the meaning of useful quite loosely

on *:input:#: { if ($pos($1,/,1) != 1) { msg $chan $replace($1-,bitch,*****,shit,****,fuck,****,damn,****,$chr(32) $+ u $+ $chr(32),$chr(32) $+ you $+ $chr(32),$chr(32) $+ lol $+ $chr(32),$chr(32) $+ laugh out loud $+ $chr(32),$chr(32) $+ wtf $+ $chr(32),$chr(32) $+ what the fuck $+ $chr(32),$chr(32) $+ rofl $+ $chr(32),$chr(32) $+ you $+ $chr(32),$chr(32) $+ u $+ $chr(32),$chr(32) $+ rolling on the floor laughing $+ $chr(32),$chr(32) $+ wb $+ $chr(32),$chr(32) $+ welcome back $+ $chr(32),$chr(32) $+ brb $+ $chr(32),$chr(32) $+ be right back $+ $chr(32), $chr(32) $+ bbl $+ $chr(32),$chr(32) $+ be back later $+ $chr(32)) | halt } }


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