VERY simple on join

By StonedStoner on Jan 01, 2005

I myself dont use this but i thought some n00bies could use it. so just put this in remotes

on *:JOIN:*: {
  msg $chan Welcome $nick you are user %user.num to join the $chan
  inc %user.num 1


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guest598594   -  Sep 05, 2007

u think ur funny, yet you screwed up, put inc b4 the msg like mylesmiz said

on *:JOIN:*: inc %user.num 1 | msg $chan Welcome $nick $+ , you are the $ord(%user.num) user to join $chan $+ !

and that doesnt really make are user 33 to join the #sptrivia? umm...take out the maybe?

i also think it would sound better if you did $ord

F R E E Z E   -  Jul 08, 2007

Omfg this script owns!!

MylesMiz   -  Apr 01, 2007

put the
inc %users.num
before the message.

Disturbed   -  Dec 29, 2006

Noobs >>

S alliance   -  Jul 03, 2006

This Is A Good Snippet

ReQueST   -  Jan 07, 2005

Watch out who you call newbies.. People get offended easely.

LIQUID_NiTrO   -  Jan 01, 2005

Yeah, like Yoinx said its just right of the \"Send Snippet to Clipboard\" button. Press Edit instead of posting the same snippet twice. And while we\'re at it who really uses these things? I\'ve seen a lot written and even some fancy ones but rarely do I see anything but an occaisional bot using them.

Yoinx   -  Jan 01, 2005

you know you can edit code once you post it.

StonedStoner   -  Jan 01, 2005

almost the easiest code there is but im not given away none of my good stuff ;)

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