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By Johncena1469 on Aug 29, 2009

Simple afk script, It changes your name to [YOURNAME]-Afk , If someone messages you it will say how long you will be afk for.
Example : RandomPerson : Hi. Are you there?
[You] : I am afk. Please message me when I am back. I will be back in [Time you set it to be afk for.

After the set time, It will automatically put your name back.

Usage :

/afk [Time in seconds you want to afk] - Eg. /afk 60 - For one minute

Then your name will change and the timer will start.

Please post comments for any problems. I dont want anyone telling me stuff like "Omg this is shit like all your other snippets" -

;Yet another one by The King/Dusk/JC
;Usage in Intro
;Afk Script -

alias afk {
  set %afknick $me
  set %afk Yes
  nick $me $+ -afk
  .timerAfk 1 $1 nick %afknick
  .timerUnAfk1 1 $1 unset %afknick
  .timerUnAfk2 1 $1 unset %afk
  .timerUnAfk3 1 $1 msg $chan I am now back from AFKing. I have been afk for $1 seconds.
on *:TEXT:*:?: {
  if (%afk != Yes) { goto Afk | else halt }
  .msg $nick I am afk. Please message me when I am back. I will be back in $duration($timer(Afk).secs))


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Grant-   -  Sep 25, 2009

Both of you have pointless, useless scripts. Apparently you don't get that you aren't needed unless they actually try to get your attention. If they truely and deeply need you, they'll PM you, memo (if your server supports memoserv) or anything along those lines. No need for this/those lame excuses of scripts. And no Jamiie, it doesn't matter what the syntax is for it, it will always be crappy.

Jamiie   -  Sep 03, 2009

Johncena1469, it's much easier to alow the user to set an afk message without posting an expected time to come back. Suppose what if the user doesn't come back in time and he/she actually comes back an hour later than expected.

Check out my afk snippet at

I don't mind you taking anything I used and you use it towards yours. :P

Grant-, Whoising someone; realizing they're afk. Then deciding whether or not to memo them a message is more time than what is needed in an afk script.

I'd much rather highlight someone and let it save the message in the logs, just my 0.2 cents.

Grant-   -  Aug 30, 2009

AFK scripts are spammy and pointless. if you're needed they'll whois you and see you're away, and if they really need you they'll memo (if your server supports MemoServ) you or PM you. no need for a script..

Johncena1469   -  Aug 30, 2009

Cmon people.. I spent 7 minutes on this ._.

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