Simple !ping

By Marius_Craciunoiu on Dec 28, 2004

If you`re friends ask you to ping them just use this. All they have to do is write !ping in a channel. Just put this in the remote section (Press Alt+R)

on *:text:!ping:#: { ctcp $nick ping | notice $nick I`m Pinging you. Please wait for result. }
on *:CtcpReply:ping*: { notice $nick Your Ping is $calc($ctime - $2) $+  seconds }


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a careful warchild   -  May 28, 2009

mysterycool: The score should not be based on the lines of the said code, it should be on the use of the code and the simplicity/effectiveness. Thus meaning your score is inaccurate. Please bear this in mind when scoring other users.

mysterycool   -  Jan 01, 2007

Well for me 3.7 is too much! Dude! Just four lines! 1/10. This thing everyone could find it in the /help in mIRC!

[-Superboyz-]   -  Jan 10, 2005

good job! ^^ -> for editing n :text:!ping me*: :)

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