Spin the bottle

By EMMURE on Aug 13, 2009

Hey, I saw NightBlades Spin The Bottle script, and remembered, HEY I HAVNT POSTED ANYTHING HERE FOR AGES! lol so i dug up an old !spin script i had, that takes the number of people in the chan, and a random Nick, and displays it in a kinda way like Russioan Roulette where everyone in the channel is a bullet loaded into a big/comic chamber of a gun, and randomly fired. :) also, i like one-liners so i thought this was a neat one of my few. ;)

on *:TEXT:!spin:#: { msg # $+(12,$nick) 14 $+ loads everyone in $chan into a comic revolver with 12 $+ $nick(#,0)14 bullet chambers! | msg # 12 $+ $nick(#,$r(1,$nick(#,0))) 14has been fired! } 


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