Random Number

By Johncena1469 on Aug 12, 2009

How to use : !RandNumber [Number]
Make sure you /set %chanset #[Channel]

;Made by Dusk/Nido/Jc
;Read intro for usage

on *:text:*!RandNumber *:*:{
  if ($chan != %ChanSet) { halt }
  if (/ isin $2-) { halt }
  if ($ isin $2-) { halt }
  if (Yes == %generating) { halt } 
  randnumber $1-
  set %generating Yes
alias randnumber {
  set %randnumber $2-
  .msg $chan 15,18•7•8•7•15,1(4Generating...15)7,1•8•7•8•
  .timerrand 1 5 msg $chan 15,18•7•8•7•15,1(4Random Number from 1 to $2- =9 $r(1,%randnumber) 15)7,1•8•7•8•
  .timer 1 5 set %Generating No
;Please give credits~


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tra_orex   -  Aug 17, 2009

i would have used $rand then used a while to parse the digits and add your colors(would be a lot more colorful)

in the end, you really just used $rand to make your random number. I kinda expected u had actually wrote a random number algorithm or used a socket to pull a "true" random number from a site.

Other than its usefulness, good job, keep it up, and get working on that algo ;)

Johncena1469   -  Aug 13, 2009

For one : This has security from spammers.
For two : If you want a short snappy, non protective, uncolorful script, go elsewhere
For three : All my scripts have alot of color in them. | So its bound to be long |

Master-Of-Death   -  Aug 13, 2009

What's the point in a longer spammy version?, wasn't the point of $rand to lower the amount of code used?

8/10 for effort
3/10 for praticality

PuNkTuReD   -  Aug 13, 2009

on :text:!RandNumber :#: $iif($2 isnum,say $r(1,$2),say please specify a number.)

on a serious note tho, you should use return instead of halt.

also using $2 isnum will be better then $ isin $2 etc.

;you can put your var here so itll only trigger in the one channel.
on *:text:!RandNumber *:%ChanSet:{ 
  ;check if generating does not exist, and check if $2 isnum.
  $iif((!%generating) && ($2 isnum),,randnumber $2-) 
alias randnumber {
  ;set %generating true for 5 seconds.
  set -u5 %generating $true 
    ;set %randnumber the number the person spefified, dont use $$1- because it will cause problems if they type !randnumber 1 2 3 4.
  set -u5 %randnumber $$1 
   ;first channel message.
  .msg $chan 15,18•7•8•7•15,1(4Generating...15)7,1•8•7•8• 
    ;second channel message.
  .timerrand 1 5 msg $chan 15,18•7•8•7•15,1(4Random Number from 1 to %randnumber =9 $r(1,%randnumber) 15)7,1•8•7•8• 
Johncena1469   -  Aug 12, 2009


HeatedHeart   -  Aug 12, 2009
 on *:text:*!RandNumber *:*:{ msg $active $rand(1,$2) } 

so basicaly That in a longer, spammy, version? :P

Johncena1469   -  Aug 12, 2009

Yeah technecly.

Scakk   -  Aug 12, 2009


Johncena1469   -  Aug 12, 2009

In a channel type !randnumber and itl send back a number between 1 and the number you posted.

Master-Of-Death   -  Aug 12, 2009

what's it do

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