ChanServ Access List Sorter

By Apo123 on Aug 10, 2009

Normally, when you do a command like /chanserv access #channel list, you get the list of usernames and accesses sorted by time of entry into the list. This can make it difficult to see how many users of a certain access level are in your channel, and it can also make it hard to find specific records.

This script will take ChanServ's output and sort it by access level, so it's a lot easier to determine who has what access in a channel. Simply place in your remotes.

on *:NOTICE:*Num *Lev *Nick:*:{
  set %chanservaccess 1
  set %i 1
  set %currentlevellist $null

on ^$*:NOTICE:/^  (.*)  (.*)  (.*)/Si:*:{
  if (%chanservaccess == 1) {
    set %chanservaccess.level. [ $+ [ %i ] ] $regml(2)
    set [ $+ [ %i ] ] $regml(3)
    inc %i 1
    if ($+(*,$chr(32),$regml(2),$chr(32),*) !iswm %currentlevellist) {
      set %currentlevellist $+(%currentlevellist,$chr(32),$regml(2),$chr(32))

on ^*:NOTICE:End of access list.:*:{
  echo 5 -ta -ChanServ-  Name  Num  Lev
  set %currentlevellist $sorttok(%currentlevellist, 32, n)
  var %accessloopcounter 1
  var %nameincrementor 1
  var %accesslevelsdone $null
  while (%accessloopcounter <= $numtok(%currentlevellist, 32)) {
    var %currentaccesslevel $gettok(%currentlevellist, %accessloopcounter, 32)
    if ($+(*,$chr(32),%currentaccesslevel,*) iswm %accesslevelsdone) {
      inc %accessloopcounter
    var %nameloopcounter 1
    while (%nameloopcounter < %i) {
      if (%currentaccesslevel == %chanservaccess.level. [ $+ [ %nameloopcounter ] ] ) {
        echo 5 -ta -ChanServ- $+ $chr(32) $+ $chr(32) $+ %nameincrementor $+ $chr(32) $+ $chr(32) $+ %currentaccesslevel $+ $chr(32) $+ $chr(32) $+ [ $+ [ %nameloopcounter ] ]
        inc %nameincrementor
      inc %nameloopcounter
    %accesslevelsdone = $+(%accesslevelsdone,$chr(32),%currentaccesslevel)
    inc %accessloopcounter
  echo 5 -ta -ChanServ- End of access list.
  unset %chanservaccess
  unset %chanservaccess.*
  unset %i
  unset %currentlevellist


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D2K7   -  Aug 10, 2009

Yes exactly that

Apo123   -  Aug 10, 2009

You mean like add the information from /ns info nick to a /whois?

D2K7   -  Aug 10, 2009

Now i like This i like it alot it's very help full can you do one so Like when u do a /ns info nick It would come up in main channel and so when u do whois it will do it with that :D

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