+q and -q protection

By jaystew on Aug 09, 2009

If someone trys to +q themselfs or another user they will be kicked from the room with the message you are not permitted to have or give owner status.

Should anyone try to do -q it will kick them stating they are not allow to remove owner status.

where $me and chanserv are stated these are the nicks that are allowed to do these actions and will not be kicked. should you wana add nicks do the following

if (-q isin $1-) && ($me ison #) && ($nick !== $me) && ($nick !== ChanServ) && ($nick !== nick1) && ($nick !== nick2) { 

those with a chanserv bot assigned to there room make sure to add that nick or is will try to kick chanserv which then will result in chanserv kicking you

Thanks to Master-Of-Death for his in put

on *:RAWMODE:#:{ if (+q isin $1-) && ($me ison #) && ($nick !== $me) && ($nick !== ChanServ) { 
    .kick # $nick 4You are not permitted to have or give owner status 
    mode # -q $2 
  if (-q isin $1-) && ($me ison #) && ($nick !== $me) && ($nick !== ChanServ) { 
    .kick # $nick 4You are not permitted to remove owner status 
    mode # +q $me 


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FordLawnmower   -  Aug 09, 2009

Yea, I suppose it works sunslayer but it is actually a syntax error that is corrected by mIRC. There is no operator !==.

sunslayer   -  Aug 09, 2009

!== works fine, it does the exact same thing as !=

FordLawnmower   -  Aug 09, 2009

There is no operator !== , that I know of in mSL. !=== is != case sensitive but !== is nothing. I'm guessing that mIRC is ignoring the second = sign or combining ! & ==, But it's not needed. The correct operator is !=.

Phoenix-   -  Aug 09, 2009

This wouldn't work at all.
Edit: You're missing a bracket at the end.

First off, lets say its +bq. +q isn't in $1- because theres a b, so you'll want to use.
if (+q* iswmcs $1-)
And you want to use cs for case sensitive so it won't be Q and not q.
ChanServ doesn't get owner.
For the first part. Why would you kick the person first THEN try to remove their owner?

For the second part. You can't kick someone who removed your owner and they have yours.
Thats saying a voice can kick an op when the op takes away their voice.
And you can't +q yourself because ... thats just not possible.
Thats like saying "I'm now the leader of this project whether you like it or not."
The only way to get it back would be to /cs owner #channel - that is if you WERE identified to the channel.

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