Query Accept/Deny

By Kinight on Aug 03, 2009

This is a script I made thats a PM blocker. Here's what happens:

You get a PM
The script HIDES the Query Window until you consent
If you accept, it will open the window, and display the message
If you deny, it will close out the window, and tell the person whatever you set for the deny message

ON *:OPEN:?: {
  window -h $nick
  .msg $nick Stand By And Wait For Me To Answer This
  dialog -dm query query
  did -ra query 2 Message from $nick $+([,$1-,])
  .timerTL 1 60 msg $nick Sorry I Did Not Get To This Before Time Expired
  .timerx 1 61 dialog -x query query
  .timerc 1 62 window -c $nick
dialog query {
  title "Accpect/Decline Query"
  size -1 -1 400 200
  box "Nick/Message" , 1, 7 7 290 40
  edit "", 2, 10 23 285 20,read autohs
  button "Accept" , 15, 7 150 100 40, ok
  button "Decline" , 16,               150 150 100 40         150 150 100 40, cancel
on 1:dialog:query*:sclick:15:{
  .timertl off
  .timerx off
  .timerc off
  var %nick = $gettok($did(2),3,32)
  .msg %nick %acceptmsg
  window -w %nick
on 1:dialog:query*:sclick:16:{
  .timertl off
  .timerx off
  .timerc off
  var %nick = $gettok($did(2),3,32)
  msg %nick %denymsg
  window -c %nick

on *:LOAD:{
set %acceptmsg $$?="What do you want to tell people when you accept?"
set %denymsg $$?="What do you want to tell people when you deny?"
echo -a Thanks for loading the PM Blocker Script by Alex
echo -a Contact me on irc.authoritygamer.com:6660-6670.
echo -a You'll be able to find me.. I'm Head Operator there.
echo -a Hope this works for you!


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RiderLeo   -  Sep 23, 2011

What if I wanted to not hide the query window? Like able to view what he or she said without clicking accept or decline right away?

AnGeLLuS   -  Sep 08, 2011

if a big message it has scroll.... :X
how about making the edit box bigger to fit a huge message without scroll ?

SoulMuncher   -  Feb 21, 2011

Well thought out script Kinight

ssimar   -  Feb 21, 2011


frozenmafia   -  Jul 08, 2010

so this is what you wanted me to query you for XD Time to get it :)


Kinight   -  Feb 13, 2010

Andrew > Lawl im on vacation and saw this in my facebook, time to download mirc :]

CadetAndrew   -  Feb 12, 2010

I love it! I give you a 9/10!

For a quick suggestion though, can you give the option to ignore people? Like if they keep bothering you you ignore them for so long?

PATX   -  Aug 11, 2009


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