Ban all (address/nick)

By Phoenix- on Jul 30, 2009

Lets say theres several nicknames/addresses you want to ban all at once but you don't want to bother getting all of their addresses.

Syntax: /bana Nick1 nick2 address1 nick3
and so on... There is no limit (Except your $modespl of course)

It will evaluate the nickname's address by 2 and if you included an address then it will add that as well. If !@ is not included in the address (so you only banned then it will add the ! as well. If !@ is all in, then it will use \1 (the normal address you put in.)

Example: /bana Edson bug ! `Morphos
Return: Phoenix sets mode: +bbbbb ! !@82F53AAE.37392142.6A5B4C4D.IP ! ! !

Edit: Fixed it because something caused a bad error - Made it shorter as well.

alias bana { mode # $str(b,$modespl) $regsubex($1-,/(\S+)/g,$+($iif($address(\1,2) != $null,$address(\1,2),$+(\1,!*@*)))) }


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Phoenix-   -  Aug 01, 2009

Yes, I know but I think the highest limit I've seen is 12 so thats why I set $str(b,12).
And wow. I just realized something. I totally f'ed up my alias when I put in the correct version.
Edit: I'll just make it $str(b,$modespl) instead in case there are the weird servers with a higher limit.

WorldDMT   -  Aug 01, 2009

not all servers have same $modespl

e.g +bbbbbbbbbbbb is $modespl = 5 7 will not be banned

Phoenix-   -  Jul 31, 2009

Thats so weird because this worked right before I posted it and now I'm probably getting the same error you got.

Is it banning what you put in for the ident?

WorldDMT   -  Jul 31, 2009

not working every where

/help $modespl

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