Y-Floodfill picture fader

By knoeki on Jul 13, 2009

y-floodfill picture fader. nothing special, just the result of playing with picture windows for a bit.

usage: type /yfloodfill and browse for an image. (you can also specify an image directly on the commandline)

Larger pictures will take significantly more time to fade in, but of course this is all relative to your CPU speed.

If you have whilefix.dll in your mIRC dir, uncomment line 13 to not make mIRC hang.

EDIT: Fixed some bugs :|
EDIT2: updated a bit, see comments.

(I changed the name as well, apparently this is called a y-floodfill, I called it t800-fader because I saw it named like that in a demo, but this was only due to the picture being faded there ;_))

alias yfloodfill {
    var %img $iif($1 != $null, $1-, $sfile($mircdir, Please select an image.))
    if (%img == $null) {
        echo -a You didn't select an image.
    var %h $pic(%img).height
    var %w $pic(%img).width
    var %title $+($chr(64),$gettok(%img, -1, 92))
    .window -pdok0 %title -1 -1 %w %h
    var %c 1
    var %ticks $ticks
    var %img $qt(%img)
    while (%c <= %h) {
        titlebar %title :: %c lines, $perc(%c, %h, 1)
;        whilefix
        drawpic -sct %title 1 0 %c %w %h 0 %c %w 1 %img
        inc %c
    titlebar %title :: %c lines, completed in $+($calc(($ticks - %ticks) / 1000),s)


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knoeki   -  Aug 27, 2009

Now also shows number of lines draw and percentage in titlebar. when it's done, it'll show the execution time in place of the percentage.

knoeki   -  Jul 14, 2009

Updated it a bit...

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