!need Script

By CadetAndrew on Jul 09, 2009

This is a basic code that I put together. What its for, is if someone needs you, it lets you know.


What it will do, is notice the user twice, that you have activated the script, and then it will show an echo in your active channel that someone needs you. It will also beep 20 (like a phone ringing) And you will query yourself saying someone needs you in the channel it was typed in

To avoid someone spamming you for this, after it is used, it places them on a 10 second ignore.

Feel free to edit any part of this code, it was tested, there should be no problems in it

====Recent Changes====
-Made it so you dont have to edit anything on it! Just place it in your remote and it works!
-Added colors for the nick, channel, and network someone used !need on.

on *:TEXT:*:#:{
  if ($1 == !need) && ($2 == $me) && (!%nflood) {
    notice $nick You have activated the !need script
    timer 1 2 notice $nick Hello  $nick ! You have said that you needed me, please give me one moment to respond to you! Note: this is from you using the !need script
    echo 4 -atlbf 4[NEED] 4 $nick  4,1( $fulladdress ) needs you in 3 $chan  on 12 $network $+!
    /beep 25
    /msg $me 4 $nick  4,1( $fulladdress ) needs you in 3 $chan  on 12 $network $+!
    timer 1 7 notice $nick $me has been notified that you needed him.
  set -u5 %nflood 1


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CadetAndrew   -  Jul 11, 2009

Yea, I was having problems with that line, thanks for the help ;) Finally got it to work correctly with no edits required. Timers are fine, they can remove them if they want, its just so the other user doesnt get a world of spam of notices.

PwnerJohn   -  Jul 11, 2009

Uh, script stealer. Anyways, I gave you the if ($1 == !need) && ($2 == $me) && (!%nflood). You can make this better by hiding the timers with a . before it.

CadetAndrew   -  Jul 11, 2009

I edited the snipped, now nothing is required to edit! Just place it in your remotes and have someone type !need

Updated it, so it gives you the full address of the one who did !need for you, also added colors!


Jethro   -  Jul 10, 2009

Sorry is superficial if you don't mean it.

PATX   -  Jul 10, 2009

Weasel you are NOT sorry. u know why? cos u leave the same comments on all posts.

Weasel   -  Jul 10, 2009

Yes. Cadet it could be simplifyed. Sorry for the short comment earlier ftom my ipodp

Jethro   -  Jul 10, 2009

I think by now everyone who's known Weasel is numb to him. This is just the way he is, as God intended.

PATX   -  Jul 09, 2009

CadetAndrew works for me. Weasel does not really like to listen or read instructions. my guess is he screwed up, by as ur saud not editing the script.

CadetAndrew   -  Jul 09, 2009

This one never gave me any problems, it was tested.

Weasel: Did you edit the YOUR NICK HERE part?

An example of that line would be:

on *:TEXT:!need Weasel:#:{

You do know that only other people could use it right? An on text doesnt work for yourself if its in your own remotes.

Jethro   -  Jul 09, 2009

Weasel, before you drop someone's snippet with the word "fail," explain why it didn't work for you. It's not polite of you considering you've been criticized numerous times for your own "useless" scripts.

Weasel   -  Jul 09, 2009

fail, doesnt work

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