/rb and $rb - rainbow colour text

By knoeki on Jul 07, 2009

An alias and identifier in one, BONUS! ;_)

usage is simple. when you simply want to message some nice coloured text to a channel...:

/rb this is my fancy coloured message.

as an identifier:

$rb(-i, text to colourify here)

returns the text with random colours.

I know that stuff like this has been done to death, but I'll post it regardless.

Also, it requires another identifier I posted, $padnum, to make sure that you won't end up with glitches when $rand returns a single digit and there's numbers in text. thanks to WorldDMT for pointing that out, I never realized when I posted this.

yes, I also realize that it's probably slow and inefficient code, but I was bored and couldn't find a better way this quickly.

Update: it's probably better now, sort of. I guess.

alias rb {
   var %input $replacex($iif($1 == -i, $2-, $1-), $chr(32), $chr(160)), %x 1
   while (%x <= $len(%input)) {
      var %output $+(%output,$replacex($mid(%input, %x, 1),$mid(%input, %x, 1), $+(,$padnum($rand(2,15), 15),$mid(%input, %x, 1))))
      inc %x
   $iif($1 == -i, return %output, say %output)


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The6PuffPack   -  Feb 11, 2012


knoeki   -  Jul 09, 2009

argh, I should have mention. custom alias of mine, I posted it here on hawkee as well. makes sure that if $rand() returns a single digit, it will add a 0 to the start, so that things won't mix up when text contains any numbers.

I've updated the alias and the description, wanted to do this and then saw your comment :_)

WorldDMT   -  Jul 09, 2009

what the alias $padnum??

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