8Ball MD5 Hash - Not random

By Mini on Jul 01, 2009

Actually I didn't saw an 8ball script, not based on random numbers, but on a md5 hash calculation, So I made one and posted it here.

It gives the same message on the same question, but changes every 1000 seconds.

(You can replace the messages ofcourse if you'd like)

on *:text:!8ball*:*: { 
 .msg $chan $iif($1,$ball($1-),Gimme a question ^^)

alias ball {
  var %q1 $lower($nick), %q2 $lower($1-), %q3 %q1 $+ %q2
  var %h $regsubex($md5(%q3), /[a-zA-Z]/g, $null)
  var %hash $calc( %h + $left($right($ctime,4),1) )
  var %d 1

  while (%d) {

    var %i $len(%hash)
    var %c 0
    var %t 0

    while (%c < %i) {

      var %t $calc( %t + $left(%hash,1) )
      inc %c
      var %hash $right(%hash,-1)
    var %hash %t
    if (%hash < 11) { unset %d }
  var %h $calc( %hash -1)

 return $replace(%h,1,Could be $+ $chr(44) Could be.,2,In your dreams.,3,Not a chance.,4,Absolutely!,5,Could be $+ $chr(44) Could be.,6,In your dreams.,7,Not a chance.,8,Absolutely!,9,Not a chance.,0,Absolutely!)



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