Op.Admin Color script

By Weasel on May 28, 2009

this script makes op be red, halfop be orange, voice be blue. {while talking} (admin/owner red too)
****note do NOT use identify of chan password commands are sent as messages!!!*****

if you can make it so commands work that'd be nice.

on *:input:#: {
  if ($me isop #) { msg $chan 4 $1- | halt }
  if ($me ishop #) { msg $chan 7 $1- | halt }
  if ($me isvoice #) { msg $chan 12 $1- | halt }


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Weasel   -  Jun 13, 2009

i also forgot...

 $calc($$2 * 60) 


PATX   -  Jun 12, 2009

wtf is dis????

Testor   -  May 29, 2009

140212:142412.1413       11@Wetty11: test
140212:142412.1413       11@Wetty11: 04test

Any Ideas...?

napa182   -  May 29, 2009

Weasel go ask in the forum ffs or go to a server with a scripting room.

Weasel   -  May 29, 2009

lol, ps. how do i calc in code.
eg 2m == 120 seconds? for example if i said *m calcs $2 (num before m) times 60?

WorldDMT   -  May 29, 2009


[quote]this script makes op be red, halfop be orange, voice be blue[quote]

loooool :D

slacker   -  May 28, 2009

lol force of habbit ;x fixed

Jethro   -  May 28, 2009

Slacker, why did you include $nick(#,$me,ohv) when you already indicated that in your $iif identifier? It's not necessary.

slacker   -  May 28, 2009

just one of the manny ways to make this

on *:input:#: {
  if ($left($1,1) != / && !$ctrlenter) {
    msg # $+($iif($me isop #,04,$iif($me ishop #,07,$iif($me isvoice #,12))),$1-) 

also why did you post this as a snippet when you left it as a comment on someone elses code? you should really wait an make somthing worth posting instead of posting crap over and over. Dont be in such a rush to post something.

Firstmate   -  May 28, 2009

There's ways to check if the user types a command.

if ($left($1,1) != / && !$ctrlenter)
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