Op/Admin/other Popup

By Weasel on May 25, 2009

Put this in Popups>>Nicklist

Right click on nicks to give/take Op, Halfop, Voice, Admin, Owner Quarterop (lol) thirdop(lol)

..Op:/mode # +o $$1
..Deop:/mode # -o $$1
..Voice:/mode # +v $$1
..Devoice:/mode # +v $$1
..Halfop:/mode # +h $$1
..Dehalfop:/mode # -h $$1
..Admin:/mode # +a $$1
..Deadmin:/mode # -a $$1
..Owner:/mode # +q $$1
..Deowner:/mode # -q $$1
.Custom (reccomended, doesn't REALLY do ANYTHING but it looks Cool)
...Quarterop:/msg # 3* $me sets mode +1/4op $$1
...Dequaterop:/msg # 3* $me sets mode -1/4op $$1
...Forthop:/msg # 3* $me sets mode +1/3op $$1
...Deforthop:/msg # 3* $me sets mode -1/3op $$1


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napa182   -  May 25, 2009

a careful warchild Said

..Quarter Op:auser Quarterop $address($$1,2)

on $Quarterop:text:/!k(ick)?\b/Si:*:tokenize 32 $strip($1-) | if ($2) msg chanserv kick $chan $2 $iif($3,Reason Not Specified.)

Would work.

@ a careful warchild why would you use tokenize 32 $strip($1-) if you are striping colors in the regex, and as well if you are going to use regex you may as well use $regml cuz then there would be no point in useing it. Ur $iif line needs abit of work as well.

on $Quarterop:text:/^(!k(ick)?)\s(\S+)\s?(.+)?/iS:#:{ if ($regml(2) ison #) { .msg chanserv kick # $regml(2) $iif($regml(3),$regml(3),Reason Not Specified.) } }
Renegade   -  May 25, 2009

:D Glad it's impressing so many people, lol..

@A careful warchild; are you jordy or John... I'm guessing john, I get so confused.

Meh, doesn't matter, I was just trying to show a simplified example, I didn't mean for it work, but to show what could be done instead of taking a paragraph to explain.

But thanks :)

P.S I know I've completely invalidated my whole point now haven't I ~_~

PATX   -  May 25, 2009

me luvs @Renegas avatar lol :P

a careful warchild   -  May 25, 2009
..Quarter Op:auser Quarterop $address($$1,2)

on $Quarterop:text:/!k(ick)?\b/Si:*:tokenize 32 $strip($1-) | if ($2) msg chanserv kick $chan $2 $iif($3,Reason Not Specified.) 

Would work.

Renegade   -  May 25, 2009

No I meant like
These users don't have any current access in the room, they can use your power

...Quarterop://auser Quarterop $$address($1,2) 

on Quarterop:TEXT:!k*: {
msg chanserv kick $2 $3-

Or something like that (probably doesn't work, but to show you my point)

Cheiron   -  May 25, 2009

there is only voice, halfop, aop, sop and owner modes available on chanserv unless you use access facility in which
3 = voice
4 = halfop
5 = aop
10 = sop
founder = owner

Renegade   -  May 25, 2009

Doesn't mIRC have this thing? However I like the idea of quarterop and forthop.

Perhaps you could add the said users to a .ini, or your mIRC script usertab and run a seperate code to allow them to kick (forthop) and ban (quarterop) :), to develop it further, it's a thought.

5/10 based on potential to develop.

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