-= DoN Mp3 PlaYeR =-

By Da_DoN on Dec 17, 2004

a simple mp3 script where you browse your song from the browse button and then type the name of the song in the space given. choose a color theme afterwards and click play, to stop song press stop.


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corax   -  Sep 01, 2006

It has many nice thing\'s (like choosing coloured message what is playing), but!

  • Hasn\'t playlist.
  • Can\'t add dir.
    Not complete )(.
Lucifer1   -  Jan 22, 2005

uh... can u make a playlist?

icyangel363   -  Jan 12, 2005

ermm can u make a ur mp3 player tat can save the song inside?

Da_DoN   -  Dec 18, 2004

Thank You

DarthReven   -  Dec 17, 2004

lil under produced but good for what it is

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