Computer Support Bot (Work in Progress)

By miniCruzer on May 21, 2009

Thank you guys for all your help!

About the Script
The script should be placed into it's own script


Do CTRL F and say Find #Genius_Bar
and Replace with #YourChannel

Now to use it, it instructs the person who joins the channel to type !genius to work it. If it's not working, they will type !other

It will send a notice to all of the operators in the channel. Operators should be good with computers ;)

You can find me on /server -a -p 6667 -g PeerCommons -d FrostWire network Port +6669 for SSL. #Genius_Bar


Change 1:
Changed to several lines of msg
Added Content

Change 2:
Fixed some duplication bugs

Change 3:
Fixed !yes !no !other functions
Changed greet message

Change 4:
Basically rewrote the script :P
Shortened msgs, now sends to links (too avoid flooding)

Change 5:
Changed channel messages to /notice (whisper) the nicks to avoid confustions

on *:JOIN:#Genius_Bar: {
  msg $chan 14Hello 7 $+ $nick $+ 14! For help, type 4!genius14. If the 7Genius_Bar 14 is not working, type 4!other

on 1:TEXT:!genius:#Genius_Bar:{
  notice $nick 14What can I help you with?
  notice $nick 4!iTunes - 14Importing FrostWire music into iTunes
  notice $nick 7!Scripts - 14How to access your scripts, and where to find freeware script snippets.
  notice $nick 4!Peercommons - 14Using Peercommons services (ChanServ, NickServ, and MemoServ)
  notice $nick 7!FrostWire - 14FrostWire help
  notice $nick 4!other - 14If you're having a problem unrelated to this help function
  notice $nick -end-

on 1:TEXT:!iTunes:#Genius_Bar:{
  notice $nick 14To load your 4FrostWire 14tunes to 4iTunes, 14visit this site for help: 4

on 1:TEXT:!scripts:#Genius_Bar:{
  notice $nick 14To load your 4mIRC 14scripts, press 4ALT R 14on your keyboard. This will bring up your Remotes. You can click the other tabs for other scripts
  notice $nick 14For help with scripting, press 4F1 14on your keyboard.
  notice $nick 14This dialog can be confusing, so try 4

on 1:TEXT:!peercommons:#Genius_Bar:{
  notice $nick 14For help with registering a channel, use 4Chanserv14. 4
  notice $nick 14For help with sending messages to people both online and offline, use 4MemoServ14. 4
  notice $nick 14For help with making your nick permanent, and not allowing anyone to impersonate you, use 4NickServ14. 4

on 1:TEXT:!frostwire:#Genius_Bar:{
  notice $nick 14Other than the 4!iTunes 14command, we do not have any additional help for 4FrostWire
  notice $nick 14For specific help, join 4#support 15<<<<<<Double-Cick

on 1:TEXT:!other:#Genius_Bar:{
  notice $nick 14Sorry we could not help you. We are adding help to the Genius_Bar all the time!
  notice $nick 14Please wait to see if anyone is available to help you!
  .onotice $chan 14Help needed in 4#Genius_Bar!


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mr_president   -  Jun 04, 2009

Thats true miniCruzer.. it would be better to use onotice...
But the reason that the,
.set %assist-channel # $+ $r(100000000000,999999999999)
Is there is so that every person has there own channel.
that way thewre not all in one and every body is talking and getting confused.
I just prefer to be in a channel rather then pm. but thats just me.

mr_president   -  Jun 04, 2009

Good idea with the /onotice....
.set %assist-channel # $+ $r(100000000000,999999999999)
that is there so that every person has there own channel and they can concentrate more on each technition, rather then having many people in one channel.

miniCruzer   -  Jun 01, 2009

@ iCub - Sorry, I read it wrong =/ Good idea too, I never thought about that! I'll be sure to change it.

@ mr_president Instead of

.timer 1 2 /msg minicruzer $nick needs assistance in %assist-channel

Over time I will have more and more technicians for the system, so I use .onotice $chan

.timer 1 2 /onotice $chan $nick needs assistance in channel %assist-channel

It sends a notice to the operators.

May I ask what this is doing?:

.set %assist-channel # $+ $r(100000000000,999999999999)

@ PATX - Following!
Thanks for all your help, guys! It means a lot!

mr_president   -  Jun 01, 2009

Very true iCub, you should...

  1. have it query people
  2. I think personnaly that you should have the whole system in query window... that way, when they join a channel or just say !help or !computer-help or how ever you want it, they will get a pm and be able to answer all questions in that window.
    But i see how you have it in the channel for assitance but a new way to do it would be something like this....

on *:text:!assist:?: {
.set %assist-channel # $+ $r(100000000000,999999999999)
.timer 1 2 /msg minicruzer $Nick needs assitance in channel %assist-channel
.timer 1 2 /msg $nick Thank you, for assitance please join channel %assist-channel
.timer 1 3 unset %assist-channel

That is one idea that i belive would work for it...
I put the timers there to give it time to set the varible.

iCub   -  Jun 01, 2009

By noticing the nicks other users won't be confused as to which instructions they have to follow.
and >:| @ iClub. lrn2spell

PATX   -  Jun 01, 2009

@miniCruzer follow me via twitter @h_erd !!!! :)

miniCruzer   -  May 31, 2009

@iClub Thanks. Other than reducing spam, does it make a difference? I generally enforce a no-idle, so there isn't much need to avoid flooding. If the channel grows, I'd use a query, and then if an operator triggers, then it would message the channel.

iCub   -  May 31, 2009

on join, instead of messaging the channel, a notice will suffice and will create less spam in the channel.
Also i would go with Kirbeh_Pr0nz idea of querying the nicks
eg: on 1:TEXT:!genius:?:{
and instead of:
msg $chan
.msg $nick
(the . makes it silent)
Good luck I guess
Oh and btw, I wouldn't have a clue about how to insert the proper 'code' html.

Kirbeh_Pr0nz   -  May 25, 2009

hell, make it query the nicks. lol.

miniCruzer   -  May 24, 2009

I designed it to be easier on the eyes, you know? I thought having a bunch of stuff in a few lines would be overwhelming, because half the users that join my channel are tarded and don't use it right...

Hash Tables: How do I get them to command my bot? So the same concept I am using with .ini files, but with Hash Tables...

Kirbeh_Pr0nz   -  May 24, 2009

to be honest, i just wouldn't put 1 word msgs. half of the msg's you have can be compiled into one msg.

Jethro   -  May 23, 2009

/hsave never failed on me. Perhaps I'm one of those lucky few then.

PATX   -  May 23, 2009

use /hsave (which btw, is known for failing :))

miniCruzer   -  May 23, 2009


Kirbeh_Pr0nz: Should I had some 4 second timers?

JordanT: I'm (trying to) make a hashtable. First I am experimenting with (lol,brb,afk) hashtables. I've written one, now I'm trying to get it saved...

on *:START: {
; Creates the hash table
/hmake 10
alias acronym.init {
; Adds values to table
/hadd acronym afk Away From Keyboard
/hadd acronym brb Be Right Back
/hadd acronym gtg Go To Go
/hadd acronym lol Lauging Out Loud
/hadd acronym Talk To You Later
JordanT   -  May 23, 2009

Good start, glad to see you're using $iif & if statements.

Nice wide variety of options, ncie work on incorporating the menu, I like that.

However, you could put it into hashtables for easier access and faster response times, although you could just stick with ini's.

Good work though, would like to see more from you :)

Kirbeh_Pr0nz   -  May 23, 2009

you can leave them like that, but i was just getting rid of all the on text events.
also, line 10, you have "notic" make sure you change it to notice.
and i think you have too many msg's for one trigger. if multiple people type that trigger, be sure to quit due to excess flood.

miniCruzer   -  May 23, 2009

What if I have them like this now??? Can I still use the if statements?

Kirbeh_Pr0nz   -  May 21, 2009

Theres no need for all the on text events, can be compiled into one.

 on 1:TEXT:*:#ComputerSupport: {
if ($1 == !slow) <command>
if ($1 == !Protection) <command>
if ($1 == !FrostWire) <command>


 notice $nick Your greet message has been set to: $2- 

Putting a '.' before notice makes it silent so it wont show on your window you sent the notice. But it will show the $nick that you are noticing.

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