Helper alias $now

By Ayon on May 20, 2009

I know this isn't much, but it is very helpfull, at least I think it is :) The syntax is really easy...

just do $now(type,<1-4>)[.o]

the o prop is optional and used to insert the oo in the date.

types = day,month,year

the N is how you want to display the result.

$now(day,2) = 21
$now(day,2).o = 21st
$now(month,3) = May

and so on :)

alias now {
  if ($1 == day) { return $iif($2 isnum,$asctime($ctime,$str(d,$v1) $+ $iif($prop, $iif($prop == o,oo)))) }
  elseif ($1 == month) { return $iif($2 isnum,$asctime($ctime,$str(m,$v1))) }
  elseif ($1 == year) { return $iif($2 isnum,$asctime($ctime,$str(y,$v1))) }


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Jonesy44   -  May 24, 2009

Not sure if i really am getting the point of this...

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