/cannon - the projectile investigator

By Sigh_ on Dec 16, 2004

; Simple picture window script that allows you to simulate the motion

; of a projectile at varying angles/speeds acting under conditions

; similar to those encountered in real life


; Copy the code into Remotes and type /cannon to start it.

; The rest should be quite self explanatory, you start it moving by

; pressing "project", pause it at any time with "pause", and reset it

; to the beginning with "reset"


; The scrollbars let you select an angle or initial speed of projection

; by either clicking on an area of the scroll bar, or dragging the pointer


; You can seek to specific instants of the projection by using the time

; scroll and also view information about the components of velocity and

; and displacement at any time


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Monky   -  Aug 20, 2007

gr8 job and gr8 fun ~ lol seems u made around 3 years ago so i doubt ull c this but w/e >.<

guest598594   -  Aug 20, 2007

not sure what it does but good job :P

StanZ   -  Jan 19, 2006

Great snippet :)

Vortex   -  Jul 19, 2005

Awesome, it does deserv a High Score. Maybe like a 9.0 or something. ;)

ch1zra   -  Feb 05, 2005

Excellent work. Are you studying physics or something :P love this... a true 10 it is...

LIQUID_NiTrO   -  Dec 16, 2004

Incredible. A 10 any day.

Yoinx   -  Dec 16, 2004

Thats pretty nice, You should have it clear the previous lines on reset though.

xDaeMoN   -  Dec 16, 2004

This is nice. =)

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