different idle time response

By Cheiron on May 15, 2009

This is a cross server snippet for showing a user's idle time.
rather than doing a /whois or /whois nick nick if they are on the other server to you, just right click their nick and scroll down where you will see their idle time shown in the menu

please note that this is only valid for the channel that you are in so is determined by a few factors.

(A) you have to have been in the room before the nick you are checking was
(B) they are idle in that channel. (it is not affected by them chatting in other channels btw)

This goes into a fresh remotes box ( ALT + R , file, new, copy & paste, click ok) on mIRC. runs on mIRC v6.30 and upwards.

i think this was done for me by RusselB as per a custom request so thank you to him and i post this as a tribute. if it wasnt, i apologise and will accredit the maker when found as per the rules of posting

menu nicklist {
;this here is the channel only idle checker code. it will show in the menu list on right clicking on a nick
$$1 $+ 's Idle $+ $chr(58) $duration($nick($chan,$$1).idle): noop


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Brock   -  Oct 07, 2010

it worked now 6/10

Cheiron   -  Sep 03, 2010

the script does work Brock.

you place it in a clean blank mirc remote.. and then in channel you right click a nick and scroll down to you see the nick and the idle time will be displayed ON the menu list.

i still use this snippet myself. and have just this second checked and can confirm it is working

only possible thing for it not working is incorrectly placed or you are using mirc 7.1.
this was only made for 6.35

Brock   -  Sep 03, 2010

Don't Work

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