Game Review System

By Weasel on May 14, 2009

say !reviews and see game system reviews

; Game/Computer/Platformer Review Program V 1, visit for script updates and more reviews
on *:text:!reviews:#: { notice $nick our current system Reviews: | notice $nick !NintendoDSi | notice $nick !NintendoDS | notice $nick !NintendoWII | notice $nick !sonypsp | notice $nick !sonyps2 | notice $nick !windowsvista }
on *:text!NintendoDSi:#: { msg $nick view !ndsi Pros !ndsi !cons !ndsi overall }
on *:text:!ndsi Pros:#: { msg $nick Pros: | msg $nick Has two cameras, one for taking pictures of self, one for pictures of others | msg $nick Internet Browser Feature | msg $nick DSiStore (sort of like the WiiStore) | msg $nick Has a cool editing picture feature }
on *:text:!ndsi cons:#: { msg $nick Cons: | msg $nick Internet browser is (almost) useless, Cookies, Java, Cache, and Flash, are all disasbled | msg $nick DSiStore has around 15 titles. | msg $nick a bug has been found, DSiDownload Play looks EXACTLY the same as DSDownload Play, even the top screen, so the origanal start screen shows up. | msg $nick Editing Pictures once saved Perminantly removes 20% of quality }
on *:text:!ndsi overall:#: { msg $nick 4 out of 5, Great system, I reccomend it }
on *:text:!nintendoDS:#: { msg $nick Veiw !nds Pros !nds cons !nds Overall }
on *:text:!nds Pros:#: { msg $nick Pros: | msg $nick First Widely avaible game system to have a touch screen | msg $nick Neat PictoChat Feature That lets you chat with Friends up to "A mile*" away | msg $nick has two screens | msg $nick can play GameBoy Games }
on *:text:!nds Cons:#: { msg $nick Cons: | msg $nick PictoChat Claims to (quote) "Chat With Friends Up to a mile away" (unquote) This is not true, more like. 2 meters away, they tested in a empty field }
on *:text:!nds Overall:#: { msg $nick 3 out of five, Good system, i had one until the !NintendoDSi came out }
on *:text:!NintendoWII:#: { msg $nick !NdW Pros !NdW Cons !NdW Overall }
on *:text:!NdW Pros:#: { msg $nick First Widely Available Interactive GameSystem | msg $nick Fun WiiSports game comes with the system | msg $nick Customizable Wii Avatars called "Mii" }
on *:text:!NdW Cons:#: { msg $nick WiiMote Distance ranges Between 5 and 6 feet | msg $nick must be pointed at a "WiiSensorBar" }
on *:text:!NdW overall:#: { msg $nick 4 Out of Five, good system, reccomended }
on *:text:!sonypsp:#: { msg $nick !sypsp Pros !sypsp Cons !sypsp Overall }
on *:text:!sypsp Pros:#: { msg $nick Good internet browser, can play Media. | msg $nick has a HD screen }
on *:text:!sypsp Cons:#: { msg $nick Screen is VERY sensitave and expencive. i broke my screen and it is cheaper to just buy a new one D: }
on *:text:!sypsp Overall:#: { msg $nick 2 out of 5, NOT reccomended }
on *:text:!Sonyps2:#: { msg $nick !syps2 Pros !syps2 Cons !syps2 overall }
on *:text:!syps2 Pros:#: { msg $nick REALLY fun, | msg $nick good graphics | msg $nick Alot of games }
on *:text:!syps2 Cons:#: { msg $nick No Wireless internet | msg $nick (not sure but i think) no Ethernet }
on *:text:!syps2 overall:#: { msg $nick 5 Out of 5, THIS SYSTEM ROCKS!! }
on *:text:!windowsvista:#: { msg $nick !wvt Pros !wvt Cons !wvt Overall !wvt Rumors true }
on *:text:!wvt pros:#: { msg $nick updated design }
on *:text:!wvt cons:#: { msg $nick A bit slow }
on *:text:!wvt overall:#: { msg $nick 4 out of 5, RECCOM


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sercan386   -  Dec 28, 2009

keep up the good work

PATX   -  May 23, 2009

i like u, just not ur scripts. :)

Firstmate   -  May 23, 2009

Nahh, I think he's funny.

Kirbeh_Pr0nz   -  May 23, 2009

fix your fail on the 2/25 on text event. and the 25th on text event isnt even finished.
Cant wait for V.2!
o_o;'s spelled "recommend"

Weasel   -  May 21, 2009

Thanks Firstmate. you rock

Blitzjager   -  May 21, 2009

Everyone starts somewhere.

blitzz   -  May 21, 2009

that was just a text Weasel

Firstmate   -  May 20, 2009

I think you're awesome Weasel.


Weasel   -  May 20, 2009

i dont think anyone likes me D:

Weasel   -  May 20, 2009


PATX   -  May 19, 2009

i agree w/ sunslay on wimps delete comments :)

sunslayer   -  May 17, 2009

wtf weasel u deleted my comment but didnt change ur code...

windows vista isn't a gaming system, its an operating system.

deleteing ppl's comments is pointless tbh.

RevJohn Straub   -  May 17, 2009

/me wants to know if weasel even tests his scripts befor posting i know i do

Firstmate   -  May 17, 2009

I learned a lot from someone else. I think the majority of my basic knowledge was from her. Can you honestly look at someone likes BlueThen's script and now how it works? No, I think you need someone else to help you.

PATX   -  May 17, 2009

yes yes i agree w/ Fordlawnmower. u need to absorb info from the internet. explore googles result pages. see what u can find. and yes it is fine to make dumb pointless scripts, just dont post them, cos nobody wants them. weasel if you have to post them get a repo like svn or hg or git and upload them there.

FordLawnmower   -  May 14, 2009

Laughs @ wicked scripter :D
I made a lot of dumb scripts too, but I didn't Post any of them, haha.
I disagree with needing interaction with other scripters. I've never even had a convsation with another scripter. You can learn by studying the mass wealth of scripts on the net.

Jethro   -  May 14, 2009

You can tell Weasel wants to be a wicked scripter, but nobody was born that way. It takes practice, learning, and positive interaction with other scripters of all abilities to exchange ideas and improvement. The sad part is, Weasel can't fulfil this like everybody else.

slacker   -  May 14, 2009

this is a joke =/

Aucun50   -  May 14, 2009

Your missing a bracket on your end on text event.

Prelude   -  May 14, 2009

Honestly TEST the 'codes' BEFORE you post. Stop wasting our/your time with nonsense.

PATX   -  May 14, 2009

another fail script. please stop... omg and u have a wordpress for mirc help... i think im gunna be sick.

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