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By Kinight on May 04, 2009

Ok i made this out of pure boredom. What this script does is when you get a Server Notice that says someone did a /whois on you, it'll reply to them and tell them how many times you have been whois'ed. Enjoy!


You MUST have IRCOperator on the server, as well as Usermode +W (UnrealIRCd)

The ONLY exception is that if there's a way for you to get a server notice that someone /whois'ed you, there is a module in UnrealIRCd for anybody to do that, but i don't know where it is, i'll try to track it down

on *:snotice:*:{
  if (/whois isin $1-) {
    inc %whoisno
    .notice $2 12,1 You like my whois dont ya? i've been whois'ed %whoisno times.  I'm also a %ircopstats

on *:load:{
  set %ircopstats $$?="Please input your IRCOperator Status (Global Operator, Local Operator, Server Administrator, etc.)"
  echo -a 4,1 Thank you for loading Whois Notifier by Kinight
  echo -a 12,1 Tested by iAlex of AuthorityGamer IRC 
  echo -a 11,1 If you want to drop me a message, go to /server -m irc.authoritygamer.com


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Kinight   -  Nov 05, 2009

WOW! Okay maybe i should start coding C and build a firefox script to click the delete button on every PATX comment in my library of scripts :)

:D Im sure that would be a good use for a script! Dont you say PATX?

PATX   -  Aug 16, 2009

that wud have been my last comment no matter what anybody else said lmao!!!

Jethro   -  Aug 16, 2009

C'mon stop debating. Every script has its purpose, either useful or not, or people will not have made it to begin with. At least their endeavor in making a script is praiseworthy.

PATX   -  Aug 16, 2009

it is pointless to ME.

Atr   -  Aug 15, 2009

.. it's not a question of "most", imagine you don't use iTunes, like jonesy said, would you still think it pointless?

PATX   -  Aug 14, 2009

well at least mostly everybody has heard of itunes.

Jonesy44   -  Aug 14, 2009

PATX. If it has no use to you, who cares? I posted an iTunes script, not everyone uses iTunes, does this mean I shouldn't post it?

Atr   -  Aug 12, 2009

Well yes, but it's useful to those who can use it.

Hell, few people have use for left handed implements, but they're still useful to left handed people.
If it's not much use to you, then that's ok. But to some people they may want to be able to use these features.

PATX   -  Aug 12, 2009

to a very few amount of people

Atr   -  Aug 12, 2009

.. you're 10 years old?

And this script does have a use.. :S

PATX   -  Aug 11, 2009

Yes it does! Scripts are only good if they have a point. You need to get that through you head first. Second you need to stop cursing. Me an Weasel are 10 (maybe he is older idk). You trashing does not help Hawkee.com and neither does your brain dead commenting.

Jonesy44   -  Aug 11, 2009

The fact that you may not have use for this script don't mean jack. Get fücked.

PATX   -  Aug 11, 2009

i am with weasel


^Neptune   -  Jun 04, 2009

That could possibly be the most retarded comment on Hawkee ever. People ARE actually IRCops believe it or not, and they actually would like scripts too. So you're basically saying "fück them".

25% of users on coldfront? Are you out of your mind? Current Local Users: 580 Max: 1000

Now let's check out Quakenet ALONE: I have 7123 clients and 1 servers

And that's not even including the other massive networks such as EFNet, DALNet, undernet, Rizon and the such.

Think before you post.

Weasel   -  May 05, 2009

Uhh, why would somone want this? 1% of mIRC users have Ircop, 25% of chatters are even using COLDFRONT! i'll give it a 2


Aucun50   -  May 04, 2009

Simple but if your a ircop this might be nice.

napa182   -  May 04, 2009

yes you should put that into ur Introduction that you either have to be staff on a server that has usermode +W or have a giving staff member that would give you mode +W

Jethro   -  May 04, 2009

This script is ircop specific.

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