Shinu's compatibility script

By Shinu on Apr 26, 2009

This is a script to make all my other scripts work. YOU MUST HAVE THIS LOADED.

[size=1]This is a joke, for those who don't understand it. I may add useful things here later.[/size]

; Flood protection
alias a b $1-
alias b c $1-
alias c d $1-
alias d e $1-
alias e f $1-
alias f g $1-
alias g h $1-
alias h i $1-
alias i j $1-
alias j k $1-
alias k l $1-
alias l m $1-
alias m n $1-
alias n o $1-
alias o p $1-
alias p q $1-
alias q r $1-
alias r s $1-
alias s t $1-
alias t u $1-
alias u v $1-
alias v w $1-
alias w x $1-
alias x y $1-
alias y z $1-
alias z msg $1-

alias op mode # +o $1
alias do mode # -o $1

on *:text:*:#:{
 a $nick Hello! You said $1- !!


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PATX   -  Apr 29, 2009

woot! best script ever! lmao

Prelude   -  Apr 26, 2009


NIGathan   -  Apr 26, 2009

You mean, I dont have to have any of your other scripts loaded for this to work?!

I have to say, rather win indeed.

Firstmate   -  Apr 26, 2009

Win script.

^Neptune   -  Apr 26, 2009

I like it.

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