Resolve Location ($location | /l | raw)

By Jonesy44 on Apr 23, 2009

This script simply takes the address/host of a user. Checks it against a database of countries and abbreviations and will tell you where a user is from. it's as simple as that.

$location(X) - where X is a country abbreviation. For example $location(uk) will return United Kingdom
/l - Checks a user using $address(), doesn't always work for some reason with mIRC but you can get around this using the next command
/whois - In the WHOIS, if a country name is found it will list the countries a user could be from.


raw 311:*: {
  if ($regex($4,/(\.[a-zA-Z]{2,3})/g)) { 
    var %x = 1, %h | while (%x <= $regml(0)) { var %h = %h $iif($location($remove($regml(%x),.)),$v1 $+([,$regml(%x),])) | inc %x }
    if (%h) { set %loc Possible locations for $2 $+ : %h }
raw 319:*:if (%loc) echo -a %loc | unset %loc
alias l {
  if ($address($1,1)) {
    if ($regex($address($1,1),/(\.[a-zA-Z]{2,3})/g)) { 
      var %x = 1, %h
      while (%x <= $regml(0)) { var %h = %h $iif($location($remove($regml(%x),.)),$v1 $+([,$regml(%x),])) | inc %x }
      if (%h) { echo -a Possible locations for $1 $+ : %h }
      else { goto end }
    elseif ($longip($gettok($address($nick,1),$numtok($address($nick,1),64),64) isnum) { echo -a 2* /Locate: $+(,$1,) is using their IP as a hostmask. Go here to WHOIS them: }
    else { :end | echo -a 2* /Locate: There were no country abbreviations found in $+(,$1,'s) name. They may be using a vHost: $+([,$address($1,1),]) }
  else { echo -a 2* /Locate: Unable to retrieve host from $+(,$1,.) Make sure they are online }
alias location {
  var %la = ad,ae,af,ag,ai,al,am,an,ao,aq,ar,arpa,as,at,au,aw,az,ba,bb,bd,be,bf,bg,bh,bi,bj,bm,bn,bo,br,bs,bt,bv,bw,by,bz,ca,cc,cf,cg,ch,ci,ck,cl,cm,cn,co,com,cr,cs,cu,cv,cx,cy,cz,de,dj,dk,dm,do,dz,ec,edu,ee,eg,eh,er,es,et,fi,fj,fk,fm,fo,fr,fx,ga,gb,gd,ge,gf,gh,gi,gl,gm,gn,gov,gp,gq,gr,gs,gt,gu,gw,gy,hk,hm,hn,hr,ht,hu,id,ie,il,in,int,io,iq,ir,is,it,jm,jo,jp,ke,kg,kh,ki,km,kn,kp,kr,kw,ky,kz,la,lb,lc,li,lk,lr,ls,lt,lu,lv,ly,ma,mc,md,mg,mh,mil,mk,ml,mm,mn,mo,mp,mq,mr,ms,mt,mu,mv,mw,mx,my,mz,na,nato,nc,ne,net,nf,ng,ni,nl,no,np,nr,nt,nu,nz,om,org,pa,pe,pf,pg,ph,pk,pl,pm,pn,pr,pt,pw,py,qa,re,ro,ru,rw,sa,sb,sc,sd,se,sg,sh,si,sj,sk,sl,sm,sn,so,sr,st,su,sv,sy,sz,tc,td,tf,tg,th,tj,tk,tm,tn,to,tp,tr,tt,tv,tw,tz,ua,ug,uk,um,us,uy,uz,va,vc,ve,vg,vi,vn,vu,wf,ws,ye,yt,yu,za,zm,zr,zw
  var %lc = Andorra,United Arab Emirates,Afghanistan,Antigua and Barbuda,Anguilla,Albania,Armenia,Netherlands Antilles,Angola,Antarctica,Argentina,Old style Arpanet,American Samoa,Austria,Australia,Aruba,Azerbaidjan,Bosnia-Herzegovina,Barbados,Bangladesh,Belgium,Burkina Faso,Bulgaria,Bahrain,Burundi,Benin,Bermuda,Brunei Darussalam,Bolivia,Brazil,Bahamas,Bhutan,Bouvet Island,Botswana,Belarus,Belize,Canada,Cocos (Keeling) Islands,Central African Republic,Congo,Switzerland,Ivory Coast (Cote D'Ivoire),Cook Islands,Chile,Cameroon,China,Colombia,Commercial mainly USA,Costa Rica,Former Czechoslovakia,Cuba,Cape Verde,Christmas Island,Cyprus,Czech Republic,Germany,Djibouti,Denmark,Dominica,Dominican Republic,Algeria,Ecuador,USA Educational,Estonia,Egypt,Western Sahara,Eritrea,Spain,Ethiopia,Finland,Fiji,Falkland Islands,Micronesia,Faroe Islands,France,France (European Territory),Gabon,Great Britain,Grenada,Georgia,French Guyana,Ghana,Gibraltar,Greenland,Gambia,Guinea,USA Government,Guadeloupe (French),Equatorial Guinea,Greece,S. Georgia & S. Sandwich Isls.,Guatemala,Guam (USA),Guinea Bissau,Guyana,Hong Kong,Heard and McDonald Islands,Honduras,Croatia,Haiti,Hungary,Indonesia,Ireland,Israel,India,International,British Indian Ocean Territory,Iraq,Iran,Iceland,Italy,Jamaica,Jordan,Japan,Kenya,Kyrgyzstan,Cambodia,Kiribati,Comoros,Saint Kitts & Nevis Anguilla,North Korea,South Korea,Kuwait,Cayman Islands,Kazakhstan,Laos,Lebanon,Saint Lucia,Liechtenstein,Sri Lanka,Liberia,Lesotho,Lithuania,Luxembourg,Latvia,Libya,Morocco,Monaco,Moldavia,Madagascar,Marshall Islands,USA Military,Macedonia,Mali,Myanmar,Mongolia,Macau,Northern Mariana Islands,Martinique (French),Mauritania,Montserrat,Malta,Mauritius,Maldives,Malawi,Mexico,Malaysia,Mozambique,Namibia,NATO,New Caledonia (French),Niger,Network,Norfolk Island,Nigeria,Nicaragua,Netherlands,Norway,Nepal,Nauru,Neutral Zone,Niue,New Zealand,Oman,Non-Profit Making Organisations,Panama,Peru,Polynesia (French),Papua New Guinea,Philippines,Pakistan,Poland,Saint Pierre and Miquelon,Pitcairn Island,Puerto Rico,Portugal,Palau,Paraguay,Qatar,Reunion (French),Romania,Russian Federation,Rwanda,Saudi Arabia,Solomon Islands,Seychelles,Sudan,Sweden,Singapore,Saint Helena,Slovenia,Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands,Slovak Republic,Sierra Leone,San Marino,Senegal,Somalia,Suriname,Saint Tome and Principe,Former USSR,El Salvador,Syria,Swaziland,Turks and Caicos Islands,Chad,French Southern Territories,Togo,Thailand,Tadjikistan,Tokelau,Turkmenistan,Tunisia,Tonga,East Timor,Turkey,Trinidad and Tobago,Tuvalu,Taiwan,Tanzania,Ukraine,Uganda,United Kingdom,USA Minor Outlying Islands,United States,Uruguay,Uzbekistan,Vatican City State,Saint Vincent & Grenadines,Venezuela,Virgin Islands (British),Virgin Islands (USA),Vietnam,Vanuatu,Wallis and Futuna Islands,Samoa,Yemen,Mayotte,Yugoslavia,South Africa,Zambia,Zaire,Zimbabwe
  if ($findtok(%la,$1,44)) { $iif($isid,return,echo -a) $gettok(%lc,$findtok(%la,$1,44),44) }
  elseif (!$isid) { echo -a *$!location: Error: $qt($1) was not found) }


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Jonesy44   -  Jul 06, 2009

Problem is you can't see the IP of a user without them showing it to you - unless you're on IRCop. If You're just trying to find the location of a user by their IP, i think there's already a script released on Hawkee to do just that, try searching - else drop a comment and i'll see what i can do.

Get_A_Fix  -  Jan 06, 2014

This is for networks like DALnet, ones that don't provide native hostmasking for user's. Unfortunately, these are rife with skids.

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hy71194   -  Jul 05, 2009

It would be an epic update to use a webdatabase to search up the location of the IP addresses, such as for
All it must do is strip letters, -'s, etc from the hostname, then socket to that website, then trim off where it says the country and city. It is genius! :D

Jonesy44   -  May 02, 2009

mIRC var data allowance was increased in the latest few versions, maybe you are behind

ProIcons   -  May 01, 2009

i have 6.31

Jonesy44   -  Apr 29, 2009

i think you'll need a newer version of mirc in that case.

ProIcons   -  Apr 25, 2009

Well the second %var is too long...

Jonesy44   -  Apr 24, 2009

Thankyou both, there is error checking for the ip, check the $longip statement, but sometimes $address, doesn't work.i suggest using this script in the whois. im not sure why address doesn't always work tbh, i think it's because the user has to join for mirc to register their address, but ive never looked into it.

i will update when im back on my normal computer im having to use a netbook atm with linux on it and i cba to install mirc on wine or a VirtualBox yet.

Kirby   -  Apr 23, 2009

Cool jonesy44.

However, like you said, it doesn't necessarily work everytime.

For example, if I were to try to find the country for a non dns-resolved host (let's say a numbered ip), or if it's a valid vhost, there's going to be some problems.

KiRBY is jake@ Something to prove; nothing to lose
KiRBY using QuakeNet IRC Server
kirby End of /WHOIS list.

  • /Locate: Unable to retrieve host from kirby. Make sure they are online
    Shinu is Domid Ilbnc
    Possible locations for Shinu: India [.in]
    Shinu on @#Taco #PerlBot @#YT +#geeking @#YTBots +#TwitterBots @#GameBots @#pwnt @#Bet
    Shinu using QuakeNet IRC Server
    Shinu is authed as Shinu
    Shinu End of /WHOIS list.

But that's just unavoidable without socket-use.

However, I suggest one thing:

* /Locate: Unable to retrieve host from <nick>. Make sure they are online

They technically ARE online, but it can't find the country from the list in the script; you might want to add another "if" to the script.

Otherwise, very nice.

Aucun50   -  Apr 23, 2009

I like it a lot, not sure if i would use it that much.

Anyways good script.

Jonesy44   -  Apr 23, 2009

There are some innacuracies such as will resolve Colombia & United Kingdom, but it's simple to realise columbia would not have .uk on it. I'm working on this error.

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