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By Kirbeh_Pr0nz on Apr 15, 2009

I know there are already thousands just like it, but i wanted to make it myself :3
Paste into your Status Popups, or...anywhere u want...just as long as it's in the popups section :3
I made this strictly for rizon servers.
=> Updated 04/22/09 Added About feature

.About://echo -a 4,1 ChanServ allows you to register and control various aspects of channels.  ChanServ can often prevent malicious users from "taking over" channels by limiting who is allowed channel operator privileges.  
.Register a Channel:{ if ($?!="Are you in the channel you want to register?") /cs REGISTER $$?:"New Channel Name?" $$?:"Channel Password?" $$?:"Channel Description?" | else /j $$?:"Please type in the channel" | /cs REGISTER $$?:"Please retype the channel" $$?:"Channel Password?" $$?:"Channel Description?" }
.Identify Channel Access:/cs id $$?:"Channel?" $$?:"Channel Password?"
.Set Channel Options
..Founder:/cs SET $$?:"Channel?" FOUNDER $$?:"Nickname to be Founder?"
..Successor:/cs SET $$?:"Channel?" SUCCESSOR $$?:"Nickname to be Successor?"
..Password:/cs SET $$?:"Channel?" PASSWORD $$?:"New Channel Password?"
..Description:/cs SET $$?:"Channel?" DESCRIPTION $$?:"New Channel Description?" 
..URL:/cs SET $$?:"Channel?" URL $$?:"Channel URL?"
..Email:/cs SET $$?:"Channel?" EMAIL $$?:"Channel Email?"
..Entry Message:/cs SET $$?:"Channel?" ENTRYMSG $$?:"Channel Entry Message?"
..Ban Type:/cs SET $$?:"Channel?" BANTYPE $$?:"Please Select Ban type.. (1,2,3)"
..Mode Lock:/cs SET $$?:"Channel?" MLOCK $$?:"Modes to be locked?"
..Keep Topic:/cs SET $$?:"Channel?" KEEPTOPIC $$?:"Keep Topic ON or OFF?"
..Op Notice:/cs SET $$?:"Channel?" OPNOTICE $$?:"Op Notice ON or OFF?"
..OwnerMode:/cs SET $$?:"Channel?" OWNERMODE $$?:"Onwermode ON or OFF?"
..Peace:/cs SET $$?:"Channel?" PEACE $$?:"Peace ON or OFF?"
..Private:/cs SET $$?:"Channel?" PRIVATE $$?:"Private ON or OFF?"
..Protect Mode:/cs SET $$?:"Channel?" PROTECTMODE $$?:"Protect Mode ON or OFF?"
..Restricted:/cs SET $$?:"Channel?" RESTRICTED $$?:"Restricted ON or OFF?"
..Secure:/cs SET $$?:"Channel?" SECURE $$?:"Secure ON or OFF"
..Secure Ops:/cs SET $$?:"Channel?" SECUREOPS $$?:"Secure Ops ON or OFF?"
..Secure Founder:/cs SET $$?:"Channel?" SECUREFOUNDER $$?:"Secure Founder ON or OFF?"
..Sign Kick
...ON:/cs SET $$?:"Channel?" SIGNKICK ON $$?:"Level?"
...OFF:/cs SET $$?:"Channel?" SIGNKICK OFF
..Topic Lock:/cs SET $$?:"Channel?" TOPICLOCK $$?:"Topic Lock ON or OFF?"
..Verbose:/cs SET $$?:"Channel?" VERBOSE $$?:"Verbose ON or OFF?"
.User Access
..Access Add:/cs ACCESS $$?:"Channel?" ADD $$?:"Nickname to add to access?" $$?:"Level for nick?"
..Access Del:/cs ACCESS $$?:"Channel?" DEL $$?:"Nickname to delete from access?"
..Access List:/cs ACCESS $$?:"Channel?" LIST
..Access Clear:/cs ACCESS $$?:"Channel?" CLEAR
..Set Type & Level:/cs LEVELS $$?:"Channel?" SET $$?:Type?" $$?:"Level?"
..Disable Type:/cs LEVELS $$?:"Channel?" DIS $$?:"Type?"
..List:/cs LEVELS $$?:"Channel?" LIST
..Reset:/cs $$?:"Channel?" RESET
..Akick Add:/cs AKICK $$?:"Channel?" ADD $$?:"Nick?"
..Akick Stick
...Stick:/cs AKICK $$?:"Channel?" STICK $$?:"Mask?"
...Unstick:/cs AKICK $$?:"Channel?" UNSTICK $$?"Mask?"
..Akick Del:/cs AKICK $$?:"Channel?" DEL $$?"Nick?"
..Akick List:/cs AKICK $$?:"Channel?" LIST 
..Akick View:/cs AKICK $$?:"Channel?" VIEW 
..Akick Enforce:/cs AKICK $$?:"Channel?" ENFORCE
..Akick Clear:/cs AKICK $$?:"Channel?" CLEAR
.Drop:/cs DROP $$?:"Channel?"
.SendPass:/cs SENDPASS $$?:"Channel?"
.Ban:/cs BAN $$?:"Channel?" $$?:"Nick?" $$?:"Reason?"
.Unban:/cs UNBAN $$?:"Channel?" $$?:"Nick?"
.Get Key:/cs GETKEY $$?:"Channel?"
.Log Out:/cs LOGOUT $$?:"Channel?" $me
.Topic:/cs TOPIC $$?:"Channel?" $$?:"Topic?"
.Info:/cs INFO $$?:"Channel?" ALL
.Why:/cs WHY $$?:"Channel?" $$?:"Nick?"
..Modes:/cs CLEAR $$?:"Channel?" MODES
..Bans:/cs CLEAR $$?:"Channel?" BANS
..Excepts:/cs CLEAR $$?:"Channel?" EXCEPTS
..Ops:/cs CLEAR $$?:"Channel?" OPS
..Hops:/cs CLEAR $$?:"Channel?" HOPS
..Voices:/cs CLEAR $$?:"Channel?" VOICES
..Users:/cs CLEAR $$?:"Channel?" USERS
..NonSSL:/cs CLEAR $$?:"Channel?" NONSSL

.About://echo -a 11,1 NickServ allows you to "register" a nickname and prevent others from using it. The following commands allow for registration and maintenance of nicknames.  Nicknames that are not used anymore are subject to the automatic expiration, i.e. they will be deleted after 30 days if not used. This service is intended to provide a way for IRC users to ensure their identity is not compromised.
.Register:/ns REGISTER $$?:"Password?" $$?:"Email?"
.Confirm:/ns CONFIRM $$?:"Passcode?"
.Resend:/ns RESEND
.Group:/ns GROUP $$?:"Target?" $$?:"Password?"
.Glist:/ns GLIST
.Identify:/ns id $$?:"Password?"
..Access Add:/ns ACCESS ADD $$?:"Mask?"
..Access Del:/ns ACCESS DEL $$?:"Mask?"
..Access List:/ns ACCESS LIST
..Display:/ns SET DISPLAY $$?:"New Display?"
..Password:/ns SET PASSWORD $$?:"New Password?"
..Language:/echo -a Please See /msg NickServ SET LANGUAGE
..URL:/ns SET URL $$?:"URL?"
..Email:/ns SET EMAIL $$?:"Email?"
..ICQ:/ns SET ICQ $$?:"Number?"
..Greet:/ns SET GREET $$?:"Message?"
...Kill On:/ns SET KILL ON
...Kill Off:/ns SET KILL OFF
..Secure:/ns SET SECURE $$?:"ON or OFF?"
..Private:/ns SET PRIVATE $$?:"ON or OFF?"
..MSG:/ns SET MSG $$?:"ON or OFF?"
..Auto Op:/ns SET AUTOOP $$?:"ON or OFF?"
..Love:/ns SET LOVE $$?:"ON or OFF?"
.Drop:/ns DROP $$?:"Nickname?"
.Recover:/ns RECOVER $$?:"Nickname?" $$?:"Password?"
.Release:/ns RELEASE $$?:"Nickname?" $$?:"Password?"
.Send Pass:/ns SENDPASS $$?:"Nickname"
.Ghost:/ns GHOST $$?:"Nickname?" $$?:"Password?"
..Alist Founder:/ns ALIST FOUNDER
..Alist AOP:/ns ALIST AOP
..Alist 10:/ns ALIST 10
.Info:/ns INFO $$?:"Nickname?" ALL
.Log Out:/ns LOGOUT
.Update:/ns UPDATE
.Cancel:/ns CANCEL $$?:"Password?"
.Reset Pass:/ns RESETPASS $$?:"Nickname?"
.Enter Code:/ns ENTERCODE $$?:"Passcode?"
.Resend Code:/ns RESENDCODE $$?:"Nickname?"

.About://echo -a 9,1 BotServ allows you to have a bot on your own channel. It has been created for users that can't host or configure a bot, or for use on networks that don't allow users' bot.
.Bot List:/bs BOTLIST
.Assign:/bs $$?:"Channel?" $$?:"Bot Nickname?"
..Dont Kick Ops:/bs SET $$?:"Channel?" DONTKICKOPS $$?:"ON or OFF?"
..Dont Kick Voices:/bs SET $$?:"Channel?" DONTKICKVOICES $$?:"ON or OFF?"
..Greet:/bs SET $$?:"Channel?" GREET $$?:"ON or OFF?"
..Fantasy:/bs SET $$?:"Channel?" FANTASY $$?:"ON or OFF?"
..Symbiosis:/bs SET $$?:"Channel?" SYMBIOSIS $$?:"ON or OFF?"
..Bolds:/bs KICK $$?:"Channel?" BOLDS $$?:"ON or OFF?" $$?:"TTB?"
..Bad Words:/bs KICK $$?:"Channel?" BADWORDS $$?:"ON or OFF?" $$?:"TTB?"
..Caps:/bs KICK $$?:"Channel?" CAPS $$?:"ON or OFF?" $$?:"TTB?"
..Colors:/bs KICK $$?:"Channel?" COLORS $$?:"ON or OFF?" $$?:"TTB?"
..Flood:/bs KICK $$?:"Channel?" FLOOD $$?:"ON or OFF?" $$?:"TTB?"
..Repeat:/bs KICK $$?:"Channel?" REPEAT $$?:"ON or OFF?" $$?:"TTB?"
..Reverses:/bs KICK $$?:"Channel?" REVERSES $$?:"ON or OFF?" $$?:"TTB?"
..Underlines:/bs KICK $$?:"Channel?" UNDERLINES $$?:"ON or OFF?" $$?:"TTB?"
.Bad Words
..Add Word:/bs BADWORDS $$?:"Channel?" ADD $$?:"Word?"
..Del Word:/bs BADWORDS $$?:"Channel?" DEL $$?:"Word?"
..List Words:/bs BADWORDS $$?:"Channel?" LIST
..Clear Words:/bs BADWORDS $$?:"Channel?" CLEAR
.Act:/bs ACT $$?:"Channel" $$?:"Text?"
.Info:/bs INFO $$?:"Channel?"
.Say:/bs SAY $$?:"Channel?"
.Unassign:/bs UNASSIGN $$?:"Channel?"

.About://echo -a 13,1 MemoServ is a utility allowing IRC users to send short messages to other IRC users, whether they are online at the time or not, or to channels(*).  Both the sender's nickname and the target nickname or channel must be registered in order to send a memo.(*) By default, any user with at least level 10 access on a channel can read that channel's memos.  This can be changed with the ChanServ LEVELS command.
.Send:/ms SEND $$?:"Nickname?" $$?:"Memo-Text"
.Cancel:/ms CANCEL $$?:"Nickname"
.List:/ms LIST
..Number:/ms READ $$?:"Number?"
..Last:/ms READ LAST
..New:/ms READ NEW
..Number:/ms DEL $$?:"Number?"
..Last:/ms DEL LAST
..All:/ms DEL ALL
..Limit:/ms SET LIMIT $$?:"Limit?"
.Info:/ms INFO
.Check:/ms CHECK $$?:"Nickname?"

.On:/hs ON
.Off:/hs OFF
.Group:/hs GROUP
.Request:/hs REQUEST $$?:"Enter VHost" 

.About://echo -a 8,1 ** All commands must be done by channel founder. ** Once the bot is in your channel: .help for commands. ** Add: FS .msg FunServ $$1- to your aliases.ini for FunServ commands to function properly.
..Request Trivia:/FS request Trivia $$?:"Channel?"
..Remove Trivia:/FS remove Trivia $$?:"Channel?"
..Request Stats:/FS request Stats $$?:"Channel?"
..Remove Stats:/FS remove Stats $$?:"Channel?"
..Request Quotes:/FS request Quotes $$?:"Channel?"
..Remove Quotes:/FS remove Quotes $$?:"Channel?"
..Request LimitServ:/FS request LimitServ $$?:"Channel?"
..Remove LimitServ:/FS remove LimitServ $$?:"Channel?"


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Eugenio   -  Apr 16, 2009


Kirbeh_Pr0nz   -  Apr 16, 2009

/me slaps Neptune around a bit with a kirby.

napa182   -  Apr 15, 2009

Kirbeh_Pr0nz sorry about posting this in ur snippet comments...

neptune if you have somthing to say to me come say it on the server im on, and don't be a child by talking behind my back.

Kirbeh_Pr0nz   -  Apr 15, 2009

........come again?

Eugenio   -  Apr 15, 2009

[01:03:am] [@Neptune] fucking napa
[01:03:am] [@Neptune] what an idiot
[01:03:am] [@Neptune] "anyways nice work.. 4/10"
[01:03:am] [@Neptune] thats "mediocre"
[01:03:am] [@Neptune] can he not read
[01:03:am] [@Neptune] pansy

Kirbeh_Pr0nz   -  Apr 15, 2009

id liek to dank teh akadimeze fer diz honorz of 4/10 :3

napa182   -  Apr 15, 2009

To silence do .cs and so on, but like i said not all servers set up their services the same.
I know you made this to work on the server you are on, but it may not work for someone else who uses this code.

anyways nice work.. 4/10

Kirbeh_Pr0nz   -  Apr 15, 2009

no, rizon dont have a helpserv, and i know nothing of Operserv for im not an Oper ;p

Kirbeh_Pr0nz   -  Apr 15, 2009

Well, this one i made for the server im on (Rizon)
idk what u mean by silencing msgs though...

napa182   -  Apr 15, 2009

you may want to put in the intro that this is for use with anope services, and also not all servers use the shortcuts /cs /ns and such.

also you may want to silence the messages sent to services.
seems you forgot Operserv.

also useing /hs may return an error cuz of helpserv if the server has it.

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