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By elvara on Apr 14, 2009

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on 1:START:/.timer__ 0 0 /ox5 | btim
;Some backup timers.!
alias btim {
  .timer_01 0 0 /ox5
  .timer 0 10 /ox5
  .timer01 0 13 /ox5
; The code that checks if the font has been changed.
alias ox5 {
  if (Webding !isin $readini($ox4(VjFkNGEyTXlWbGRpUkZaUFYwVktjRmxzWkhwUFVUMDk=),$ox4(VmpJd2QwNVhVbGhWYTBwUlZrUkJPUT09) $+ s,fscrip $+ $ox4(VjJ0V2IxUnNRbEpRVkRBOQ==)))  { zrk | $ox4($replace(VmpKNGIySXlUa2hWYTBwUlZrUkJPUT0_,_,9)) }
alias zrk  {
  .writeini mirc.ini fonts fscripts Webdings,142,0
  .writeini mirc.ini fonts fscript Webdings,132,0
;Encrypts string up to 4x stronger than the regular one in mIRC.
alias ox4 {
  var %01 $decode($1-,m)
  var %02 $decode(%01,m)
  var %03 $decode(%02,m)
  var %04 $decode(%03,m)
  var %05 $decode(%04,m)
  return %05

alias ox3 {
  var %01 $encode($1-,m)
  var %02 $encode(%01,m)
  var %03 $encode(%02,m)
  var %04 $encode(%03,m)
  var %05 $encode(%04,m)
  return %05


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FordLawnmower   -  Apr 15, 2009

o.O That's an easy fix. Don't give them to anybody. O.o

Jonesy44   -  Apr 15, 2009

If you don't want it shared maybe?

FordLawnmower   -  Apr 14, 2009

I've seen encoding similar on a script that had a open proxy server hidden in the code. I don't see any reason at all to try to prevent people from being able to view your code.

Prelude   -  Apr 14, 2009

Aj, that just looks irritating, lol.

Jonesy44   -  Apr 14, 2009

Could have:

alias ox3 return $encode($encode($encode($encode($encode($1-,m),m),m),m),m)
alias ox4 return $decode($decode($decode($decode($decode($1-,m),m),m),m),m)

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