Simple Shut Up Tool

By samcobra on Nov 30, 2004

This is just a simple moderation script used to shut people up. It has a built in system to reverse it. It just makes the job that much easier. Take a look!

on *:devoice:*: {
  if ($me isop $chan) && (m !isincs $chan(#).mode) { 
    mode $chan +m
    /echo $active 4,8 You have moderated $chan due to the devoicing of $vnick 
    /msg $chan 4,8 $chan has been moderated through samcobra's script due to the devoicing of $vnick 
    /notice $nick 4,8 You have muted $vnick on $chan by devoicing him. If you want to end moderation on $chan $+ , please pm me with the text: !unmute <channel>
    mode $chan +i
    timermod 1 30 msg $me !unmute $chan

on *:text:!unmute*:?: {
  if ( $2 ) && ($nick isop $2) && ($me isop $2) && (m isincs $chan(#).mode) {
    /mode $2 -m
    /msg $2 4,8Moderation has been lifted from $2 by the request of $nick
    mode $2 -i


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LIQUID_NiTrO   -  Jan 01, 2005

better way to shut people up: kickban

nobody   -  Dec 02, 2004

I don\'t get it..

samcobra   -  Dec 01, 2004

Thats why they don\'t get the notice, though, so they don\'t see the command used.

DarthReven   -  Dec 01, 2004

um....did you really think this script threw?

Yoinx   -  Nov 30, 2004

kinda pointless since the nick that got devoiced could just pm you with unmute and you would change the mode on the channel to -m

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