Proxy Lister For A Bot

By napa182 on Apr 03, 2009

What this is.. is a proxy lister for a bot.

Copy & Paste into a new remote of the bot.

Trigger is..
@proxy <1-10> Ex: @proxy 3

[size=17]I'm not liable if this is used for malicious purposes.[/size]

[size=17]Feel free to rip butcher or strip this code how ever you want I Don't Care.[/size]

on $*:text:/^@proxy\s(\d+)$/iS:#: {
  if (!$hget(oxy,c) && $regml(1) isnum 1-10) {
    if ($sock(oxy)) sockclose oxy
    sockopen oxy 80
    sockmark oxy $regml(1) msg #
on *:load: {
  echo 04 -a You Have Just Loaded Napa182's Proxy Lister 
  echo 07 -a An Production 
on *:sockopen:oxy: {
  sockwrite -nt oxy GET /socks4.txt HTTP/1.1
  sockwrite -nt oxy Host: $+($sock(oxy).addr,$str($crlf,2))
on *:sockread:oxy: {
  var %oxy | sockread %oxy
  if ($regex(%oxy,/(\d+\.\d+\.\d+\.\d+\72\d+)/)) { 
    hinc -mu4 oxy c 1
    $gettok($sock(oxy).mark,2-,32) $regml(1) 
  if ($hget(oxy,c) = $gettok($sock(oxy).mark,1,32)) { sockclose oxy }


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Jethro   -  Aug 01, 2011

The website seems to have been very busy and is giving me hard time connecting to it.

PyThon, it should be a simple modification with either an on sconnect or join event to detect the host and compared it to the website and see if he or she uses a proxy.

PyThOn   -  Aug 01, 2011

Does this snippet k line the proxies as well?

If not can you add that feature.

because i need a proxy detector to k line them when they try to connect with a proxy

montague   -  Mar 30, 2010

sorry for the double post.. i know now why it doesn't connect, cause i forgot too unload the old proxy lister snippet, tyvm Napa182 ;D

montague   -  Mar 29, 2010

Napa182.. i got this error..

Line 21: var %proxy | sockread %proxy

  • /sockwrite: 'proxy' not connected (line 21, Proxy Lister by Napa182.txt)
  • /sockwrite: 'proxy' not connected (line 21, Proxy Lister by Napa182.txt)
napa182   -  Mar 29, 2010

yeah the site i had used changed the way they do proxies. so i updated it using a diff site.

montague   -  Mar 29, 2010

could somebody help updating this snippet, it seems like.. it doesn't work anymore.. d'uh ;(

k0ji   -  Aug 01, 2009

i like this :P
but my user use my bot for flooding channel with this script :(
how to limit for list proxy... exp: !proxy 10 only !proxy 3 or 4

VinX   -  Jul 31, 2009

sweet ... i m loving u r scripts napa ;)

Trev   -  Jul 05, 2009

Works.. Too bad most of the proxies are banned on SwiftIRC :/

mr_president   -  Jun 04, 2009

It works great for me...

Freez0ne  -  Feb 20, 2015

where is open?

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