Guessing Game

By Xtreme on Nov 22, 2004

well, its a very simple guessing game to play. To start a game type -guess on and to guess a number type !guess
to turn it off type -guess off


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Skye   -  Jul 20, 2006

I luv this game XD
I made a couple of color changes x_x
and that code DarthRaven add works great ^^

QuickStep   -  Apr 02, 2006

In that case be consistant and also use them on /if and /elseif

Stirk   -  Apr 01, 2006

I agree with DarthReven on some things, But using the / is a matter of preference. I know that /\'s arent needed, but I like to use them because (for me at least) it makes to code easier to read.

DarthReven   -  Nov 23, 2004

ok i got a few things for you bud 1) The \"/\" you don\'t need it in a script like this 2) .enable looks better cause you don\'t get a \"* Group(s) enabled\" message 3) you can only play the game once from what i see till you have to turn it off and reset it so why not do: elseif ( $2 == %guess ) { msg $chan 11 $nick 4G14ot It Right. The Number Was %guess $+ . | set %guess $r(1,00) | msg $chan Ready To Play Again? } thats just my opinion

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