Google Weather/Time/Calculation

By ataraxia on Mar 21, 2009

A snippet to retrieve a number of bits of useful information from Google.
Can look up Weather or Time for a location, and can look up results from Google's calculator.
Usage: In a channel where the bot is running...

For weather, write: w [location]
For time, write:
t [location]
For calculation: c 1 + 1
To store your own location for future use:
L location
For time and weather, location is optional if your own location has been previously set.

;;--Simple google interface.
;;--Performs calculation, time, and weather checks on text triggers.
;;--Bugs: Google sometimes doesn't provide bits of weather data, in which case the bot will just not retrieve ANY.
;;--Enjoy. ~ataraxia_

;;-- This section self explanatory.
;;-- Aliases you can call, channel popups.

alias no_wait {

  hadd -m commands except. $+ # true
  msg # * Command flood protection disabled in this channel.

alias cmd_wait {

  if ($hget(commands,except. $+ #)) hdel commands except. $+ #
  msg # * Command flood protection enabled in this channel.


menu channel {

  Google commands:
  .Disable flood protection:no_wait
  .Enable flood protection:cmd_wait
  .Disable in channel:hadd -m nocommands $chan true
  .Enable in channel:hdel nocommands $chan 


;--Main text command.
on *:TEXT:*:*:{

  if ($hget(nocommands,$chan)) halt

  if ($left($1,1) = *) {

    ;--Get trigger.
    var %z $right($1,-1)
    if ($len(%z) > 1) halt

    if (%z = l) {

      if ($2) {
        writeini locations.ini people $nick $regsubex($2-,/([^\d\w])/ig,$chr(37) $+ $base($asc(\1),10,16,2))
        msg # * Stored location for $nick as: $2-

      else {

        msg # * Currently stored location for $nick is: $regsubex($readini(locations.ini,n,people,$nick),/(\x25[0-9a-f]{2})/ig,$chr($base($remove(\A,$chr(37)),16,10)))



    ;--Open appropriate socket name.
    if (%z isin twc) {

      ;--Flood protections. (Basic - needs improvement.)
      if (!$hget(commands,except. $+ $chan)) {
        if ($hget(commands,$nick $+ . $+ $chan)) { .raw notice # $nick : $+ System usage disallowed. Try again in $hget(commands,$nick $+ . $+ $chan).unset seconds. | halt }
        hadd -mu300 commands $nick $+ . $+ $chan true

      if (!$2) && (!$readini(locations.ini,n,people,$nick)) { 

        raw notice # $nick : $+ Please input a valid location.


      var %s g. $+ $replacex(%z,w,weather,t,time,c,calc) $+ . $+ $chan $+ . $+ $ticks
      sockopen %s 80

      ;--Replace any non-alphanumerics with HTTP-compliant hex strings. (%20 etc.)
      sockmark %s $readini(locations.ini,n,people,$nick)
      if ($2) sockmark %s $regsubex($2-,/([^\d\w])/ig,$chr(37) $+ $base($asc(\1),10,16,2))

      .raw notice # $nick : $+ Fetching data for location: $regsubex($sock(%s).mark,/(\x25[0-9a-f]{2})/ig,$chr($base($remove(\1,$chr(37)),16,10))) $+ . This may take a moment..
      hadd -m commands %s $nick



on *:sockopen:g.*:{

  if ($sockerr) { 
    msg $gettok($sockname,3,46) * Sorry $hget(commands,$sockname) $+ , there has been a problem communicating with the server. Please try again in a moment.

  ;--Fetch correct page depending on sockname.
  if ($gettok($sockname,2,46) = weather) sockwrite -tn $sockname GET /search?hl=en&q=Weather%20in%20 $+ $sock($sockname).mark

  if ($gettok($sockname,2,46) = time) sockwrite -tn $sockname GET /search?hl=en&q=Time%20in%20 $+ $sock($sockname).mark

  if ($gettok($sockname,2,46) = calc) sockwrite -tn $sockname GET /search?hl=en&q= $+ $sock($sockname).mark

  ;--Requisite headers. Connection keep-alive to stop Google from killing the socket before mIRC finishes reading.
  sockwrite -tn $sockname HOST:
  sockwrite -tn $sockname CONNECTION: Keep-alive
  sockwrite -tn $sockname $str($crlf,2)


on *:sockread:g.*:{
  ;--Sockread using a binvar - prevent the socket waiting forever for a CRLF by using -fn 4096
  sockread -fn 4096 &r
  while ($sockbr > 0) {
    var %r $bvar(&r, 1-).text

    ;--Return results.

    if ($window(@gout)) echo @gout %r

    if ($gettok($sockname,2,46) = calc) { 

      if ($regex(%r,/<font size=\+1><b>(.+?)<.b>/ig)) { 
        msg $gettok($sockname,3,46) * Calculation request by $hget(commands,$sockname) $+ : $remove($replace($utfencode($regsubex($regml(1),/(<\/?font.*?>)/ig,$null)),<sup>,^),</sup>)
        sockclose $sockname


    if ($gettok($sockname,2,46) = time) { 

      if ($regex(%r,/<b>Time</b>\sin\s<b>(.+?)</b>(.+?)\x3C/ig)) set -u5 %l. [ $+ [ $sockname ] ] $regml(1) $+ $remove($regml(2),</td>)

      if ($regex(%r,/valign=.+?><b>(.+?)<.b>/ig)) { 
        if (*Web* !iswm $regml(1)) {
          msg $gettok($sockname,3,46) * Time request by $hget(commands,$sockname) for: $utfencode(%l. [ $+ [ $sockname ] ] - $regsubex($regml(1),/(<\/?font.*?>)/ig,$null))
          sockclose $sockname


    if ($gettok($sockname,2,46) = weather) { 

      if ($regex(%r,/>Weather</b>\sfor\s<b>(.+?)</ig)) set -u5 %l. [ $+ [ $sockname ] ] $regml(1)

      if ($regex(%r,/font-size:140%.+>(.+?)</b>.+?Current.+?<b>(.+?)</b>.+?Wind:(.+?)<br>Humidity:(.+?)<.+/ig)) { 
        msg $gettok($sockname,3,46) * Weather request by $hget(commands,$sockname) for: $utfencode(%l. [ $+ [ $sockname ] ] - Current Conditions: $regml(2) / Temperature: $regml(1) / Wind: $regml(3) / Humidity: $regml(4)) 
        sockclose $sockname


    ;--Continue loop reading.

    if ($sock($sockname)) sockread -fn 4096 &r


;--Only called if socket closes by itself, not if sockclose is triggered by information found.
on *:sockclose:g.*:msg $gettok($sockname,3,46) * Sorry, $hget(commands,$sockname) $+ , no information was found for your $gettok($sockname,2,46) request.


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Shadowless   -  Aug 31, 2015


Aurora801   -  Nov 16, 2013

[Fri 09:29:28pm] [[device]] .gcalc 2 + 2
[Fri 09:29:28pm] [notice] [cloudIPD]: Fetching data for location: 2 + 2. This may take a moment..
[Fri 09:29:28pm] [[cloudIPD]] * Sorry, [device], no information was found for your calc request.

I modified 3 lines of code, to make it look nicer on my network. I changed noticing to nick only on 2 lines, and changed the text event line so it picked up on gcalc/calc. I'm only using it for calc as I have weather/time scripts.

Jaredmf1012   -  Apr 10, 2010

[05:28] <&[DA]Jared> *t 11111
[05:28] -Igglybuff:#Mt.Silver- [DA]Jared :Fetching data for location: 11111. This may take a moment..

[05:28] -> #Mt * Sorry, [DA]Jared, no information was found for your time request.

Mt No such nick/channel

Pangaea   -  Dec 25, 2009

What is the location format??

<PanAway> *w dublin, ireland -Anubis:#Avalon-Games-Room- PanAway :Fetching data for location: dublin, ireland. This may take a moment..

* Sorry, Pan`Away, no information was found for your weather request. *w dublin -Anubis:#Avalon-Games-Room- Pan`Away :Fetching data for location: dublin. This may take a moment.. * Sorry, Pan`Away, no information was found for your weather request. *w ireland -Anubis:#Avalon-Games-Room- Pan`Away :Fetching data for location: ireland. This may take a moment.. * Sorry, Pan`Away, no information was found for your weather request. ?
err0r007   -  Jul 22, 2009

a few would like you to convert your Fahrenheit temp to Celsius

formula is figure - 32 * 5 / 9

i use $round to make it look better.. nice job nick

texasboy2084   -  Jun 20, 2009

this is a good script, is there a way to add heat index to it?

Calyp5o   -  Jun 11, 2009

Cheers, just added this to my script due to the absence of you.

horstefan   -  Mar 27, 2009

im looking up amsterdam on (i edited the script to work with that)
i already fixed this by removing the bvar piece of your code.

ataraxia   -  Mar 25, 2009

Wow. How did you manage that? Which location are you looking up weather for? I've never seen nor experienced such before.

horstefan   -  Mar 25, 2009

im getting:

  • Line too long: $bvar (line 121, weather.mrc)
    (like 8 times or something)
ataraxia   -  Mar 23, 2009

There's an option in the popups to disable the flood protection, and you're also able to set the flood time-out to what you wish - simply look in the code for where the comment states the flood protection is, and set the 300 second limit to something smaller. :)

GrimReefer   -  Mar 23, 2009

[13:27] -GrimReefer:#blank- System usage disallowed. Try again in 274 seconds.

i guess you can only use this script every 5 mins.. i get the same for all 3 commands.

other than that works just as you say.. ty

Aucun50   -  Mar 21, 2009

Looks neat

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