Operators Logging Script v2

By Kinight on Mar 09, 2009

Very simple to use. Check the echo's for setup ;)
What it does:

When an operator (or non operator eh?) comes into the #opers channel (or another channel) It will PM them that they are clocked in, and to stay in #opers.
When the leave the channel, it will clock them out, and PM them that they are clocked out, and ask them to de-oper, or disable a vhost (if any) and set modes +xH on themselves.

If they use !info, it will tell them the commands.

Also, there is a !break command, if they take a 5/10 minute break, it will log that, and PM them when it is over

If they take a break w/o a timer, they will have to type !Return Break to end it.

They can also add comments to any timer like "bathroom" or "food" or something else.
Enjoy everyone!

!*! I might come out with a more user-friendly script. It will automate alot more. Please comment and suggest things if i can do anything better!

on *:load:{
  set %timesheetdir $$?="Enter Directory to Timesheet Logs ex: C:\Program Files\mIRC\timesheet.txt"
  set %operlogsdir $$?="Enter Directory to Operator Logs ex: C:\Program Files\mIRC\oper-logs.txt"
  set %opchan $$?="Enter the channel this script will run in"
  echo -a Tested on /server -m irc.authoritygamer.com:6667    on channel #opers
  echo -a Tested by: AuthorityGamer Owner Tamaki and AuthorityGamer Head Oper Alex
  echo -a Uploaded and Coded by Alex
  echo -a kinight40@hotmail.com
  echo -a 12,1 Please look at lines 26-32, If you do need them, and use Anope IRC Services with bs_911 loaded, remove the /* on line 26, and the */ on line 32. If you have akill, put the /* on line 26  Thanks!!

on *:text:!info:%opchan:{
  msg $nick  If you have a pm blocker, please set me to auto accept, i will flood you
  msg $nick  ~ Logging out/Going off duty ~
  msg $nick  To log out of your oper (not be able to use any operator commands /kill, /gline, /zline, etc.) Type /mode YOURNICK -o.  Your oper status will be removed, this will come up too: UserMode: Alex sets: -oghaANWqH  Server notice mask (+ks)
  msg $nick  Server/Services/Network Administrators: You can type /nick YOURNICK +qp  This will make it so non-opers cant see what channels you are on, nor kick you 
  msg $nick  To go off duty, type /hs off to disable your vhost, then type /mode YOURNICK +Hx.  +H Makes it so non-opers cant tell who you are.  +x is pretty basic /helpop ?usercmds if your n00bish.  Also type !ClockOut to clock yourself out.  
  msg $nick !*! You can still use operator commands while you are clocked out, but if you do, type !log command <what you did> and it will log on Alex's Machine for review.  
  msg $nick  ~ Logging in of your operator / Hiding your operator ~
  msg $nick  Well, if your reading this, your already an operator, so no need for a /oper tutorial.  However, you will need to type !ClockIn.  !ClockIn will clock you in, ADMINISTRATORS CAN BE HIDDEN WHILE CLOCKED IN, OPERATORS CANNOT.
  msg $nick  ~ Breaks ~  
  msg $nick  To start a 5 minute break, you can type !break 5.  I will tell you that your break is started, and in 5 minutes, it is over, same for !break 10.  You can also !break if it is more then 10 minutes, and it will be logged, and a timer WILL NOT start. ** Please type !return break to end a non-timed break **
  msg $nick  ~ LOGS ~
  msg $nick  If you need to during an emergency while you are off-duty, type !log OPER-COMMAND-USED NICKNAME-USED-ON TIME(if used, say - if there is no time) REASON
  msg $nick  If you are on-duty, do not log it.
  msg $nick  If you AKille'd someone, type !log akill NICKNAME and we can check it better :)
  msg $nick  ~ 911 Calls ~
  msg $nick  On BotServ, i have loaded an extension so if somebody needs help BADLY, they can type !911.  this will notice all users in #opers, so if you are an administrator, SWAT officer, or Police officer, you MUST stay in #opers
  msg $nick  When a 911 call arrives, somebody can say "mine" in #opers, and they will get it, if they need more help, they can tell someone in #opers.  If necessary, a SWAT officer can join the channel by force.  If it has to do with an offensive operator, let Jason or Alex handle it. 
  msg $nick  If that operator is not  cooperating, you can /os akill ADD NICKNAME him, and then !Log AKILL <nickname> and Alex or Jason can review it. ** PLEASE PM US LOGS IF YOU HAVE THEM **  
  msg $nick  All Done!  Contact #opers, or $me if you need more help
on *:text:!ClockIn:%opchan:{
  write timesheet.txt ** CLOCK IN $nick clocked in at $time on $adate
  msg #opers $nick - you have been clocked in
on *:text:!ClockOut:%opchan:{
  write %timesheetdir ** CLOCK OUT  $nick clocked in at $time on $adate
  msg #opers $nick - you have been clocked OUT
  msg $nick Please disable your vhost, and set modes +xH on yourself
on *:text:!Log Akill*:%opchan:{
  write operator-log.txt ** AKILL ** $nick at $time on $adate said:  $2-
  msg $chan  $nick - Akill Logged.  Logged this message: $2-
on *:text:!log*:%opchan:{
  if (akill isin $2-) {
    msg $nick please type !log akill <nickname> to log an akill
  if (akill !isin $2-) {
    write operator-log.txt ** NON AKILL ** $nick at $time on $adate said: $2-
    msg $chan $nick - Logged this: $2-
on *:text:!break 5*:%opchan:{
  write %timesheetdir *** 5 MIN BREAK ***  5 Mintue Break taken by $nick at $time on $adate.  Comments: $2-
  msg $chan $nick - You have been assigned a 5 minute break
  timer 1 300 msg $nick Your 5 mins are up, /msg $opers !Return Break
  timer 1 300 write %timesheetdir *** 5 MIN BREAK AUTO-ENDED FOR $NICK ***
on *:text:!break 10*:%opchan:{
  write %timesheetdir *** 10 MIN BREAK *** 10 Minutes Break taken by $nick at $time on $adate.  Comments: $2-
  msg $chan $nick - You have been assigned a 10 minute break
  timer 1 600 msg $nick your 10 mins are up, /msg #opers !Return Break
  timer 1 600 write %timesheetdir *** 10 MIN BREAK AUTO-ENDED FOR $NICK ***
on *:text:!break*:%opchan:{
  write %timesheetdir *** BREAK *** Break taken by $nick at $time on $adate. Comments: $2-
  msg $nick $nick - You have been assigned a break
on *:text:!Return Break:%opchan:{
  write %timesheetdir *** RETURN FROM BREAK *** $nick returned from his/her break at $time on $adate  Comments: $2-
  msg $nick gotcha $nick  Back from the break?
on *:join:%opchan:{
  write %timesheetdir *** AUTO CLOCK IN ** $nick at $time on $adate
  msg $chan $nick auto-clocked in, type !clockout if you are not on duty
on *:part:%opchan:{
  write %timesheetdir *** AUTO CLOCK OUT ** $nick at $time on $adate
  msg $nick You have been clocked out, please /join again to clock in, if you are clocked out, and want to idle !ClockOut when you are in the channel
on *:quit:{
write %timesheetdir *** AUTO CLOCK OUT *** $nick at $time on $adate was clocked out because of a /quit 

on *:unload:{
echo -a aww man? u unloaded me =(
msg $me F*** you
notice $me F*** YOU
query $me F*** YOU
server -m irc.authoritygamer.com:6667 -j #authoritygamer


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Kinight   -  Mar 12, 2009

yeah The_Almighty_Duelist is mah buddie

Refuser > Thx
Aucun50 > Working on those right now, tysm

Tamaki   -  Mar 10, 2009

didn't even bother to use my integration script...it comes with an installation program-style prompt

for help with this script (and only if user Alex is on) please use the help connection center to connect. you can find it here:


ReFuSeR   -  Mar 09, 2009

Other than what Aucun pointed out... That is a very nice script.

Aucun50   -  Mar 09, 2009

No need for all the text events you can put them all into one. "on :park:#opers:{" do you mean on part? also people can just quit and it will never stop to add a on quit. For the channel use a var that can be set with your on load like echo -a For this script to work you need to set a channel Example: /set %opchan (Your oper channel), then in your events do "on :part:%opchan: {"

Looks nice tho

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