Drunk Talker

Platform:  mIRC
Published  Feb 11, 2009
Updated  Feb 11, 2009
Script that makes you sound drunk. All you do is type /dr <text>. Then, your words will have random caps and repeated/wrong letters. Fun to play around with.

Put in Remotes alias dr msg $active $drunk(70,$1-)
alias -l drunk {
var %sob = $1
var %text = $2-
var %mes = $calc(($len(%text) * ((100 - %sob) / 100)))
var %loop = 1
while (%loop <= %mes) {
var %pos = $rand(1,$len(%text))
var %char = $mid(%text,%pos,1)
if (%char isalnum) {
var %type = $rand(1,3)
;Type 1 = repeated letters (test = tesssttt)
if (%type == 1) var %text = $left(%text,%pos) $+ $str($mid(%text,%pos,1),2) $+ $right(%text,- $+ %pos)
;Type 2 = replaced/mistyped letters (test = fast)
elseif (%type == 2) {
if ($istok(a e i o u,%char,32)) var %rnd = $randtok(a e i o u,32)
else var %rnd = $rand(a,z)
var %text = $left(%text,$calc(%pos - 1)) $+ %rnd $+ $right(%text,- $+ %pos)
;Type 3 = opposite case (A = a, b = B)
elseif (%type == 3) var %text = $left(%text,$calc(%pos - 1)) $+ $iif($upper(%char) === %char,$lower(%char),$upper(%char)) $+ $right(%text,- $+ %pos)
inc %loop
return %text
alias -l randtok return $gettok($1,$rand(1,$numtok($1,$2)),$2)


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Person   -  Jul 31, 2011
Lamar   -  Jul 18, 2011
i dont need any script to see others if am high or not...they can understand ;
Person   -  May 21, 2011
Ooh wow, this is how most trollers on Main type like.
At least now when i comment on them,they would understand what im saying when i type my comment in /dr :P
Lol,nice script.
AmytiX   -  Apr 21, 2011
troll   -  Apr 21, 2011
lmfao i like it
Reezy   -  Mar 14, 2009
eh, not bad, i never drink, i get high all the time, soo, this script isnt 4 me, idk why i got it lol
irchainscriptz   -  Feb 12, 2009
Eugenio   -  Feb 12, 2009
rofl @ kirbeh doing napas job
and I KNOW you do opium and the reason why which is besides the point, why discuss it on hawkee when you all moan its becomming myspace you then start starting talking bout drugs and alcohol
and tbh I agree, there is nothing special/fun bout being drunk......
/me chortles
jonesy44   -  Feb 12, 2009
the crash, napa?
Kirby   -  Feb 11, 2009

So you're REALLY drunk? :D
napa182   -  Feb 11, 2009
Eugenio   -  Feb 11, 2009
rofl @ teh hawkeh crew boasting about their drug/alcohol habbits
/me is clean
anyhow the code was funny for 5 mins........
napa182   -  Feb 11, 2009
whats so fun about getting drunk? id just rather smoke Opium and call it a day.
PuNkTuReD   -  Feb 11, 2009
ok ok youve got me there
/me gives in
jonesy44   -  Feb 11, 2009
lol! yeah, true. but i'd rather be drunk, out :P
PuNkTuReD   -  Feb 11, 2009
/me admits it :-S

oh but btw, id rather BE drunk on irc than pretending to be drunk :-S
jonesy44   -  Feb 11, 2009
No offence, but if you're drunk and on irc, that's so lame XD
PuNkTuReD   -  Feb 11, 2009
ive been so drunk, ive had to ask my missus what people were typing, then when i typed back, i had to get her to proof read it before i sent it. times like those i dont think we should be on irc :-s
baseballer790   -  Feb 11, 2009
Depends how drunk you are ;)
Aucun50   -  Feb 11, 2009
Not really, most people on irc that where/are Drunk type normally.
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