IQ Test Script v1

By Jamiie on Feb 04, 2009

It's been a while since I last posted anything here on Hawkee, I finally done something productive in my somewhat scripting ability..

This is a IQ test, 10 questions based on your answers will determine your IQ.

Your IQ is determined by this formula:


MA=Mental age
CA=Chronological age

Mental age is scored based on the answer you input for each question.
Chronological age is your actual age from !age your age

This may not be accurate.


!iq: To start the test(in **channel**)
!age **your age**(in **private chat**, the rest of the questions will be answered in **private chat**

Yeah I know this may be too long for such a complex script but please give me suggestions on how to simplify it.

I searched all over and google for a IQ test or one even close to this one and couldn't find one. Yes I coded this myself, no it's not ripped.

Please post all bugs or answers wrong.

on *:text:!iq:#: {
  if (!%testing) {
    msg $nick Type !age your age
    set %testing $nick
    auser age %testing
on age:text:!age*:?: {
  set %chronoage $2
  msg $nick In this IQ test you will be answering 10 questions, to proceed type 4Yes or 4No.
  auser yes %testing
on age:text:no:?: {
  .timer 1 1 unset %chronoage %testing
  ruser %testing
on yes:text:yes:?: {
  auser q1 %testing
  msg $nick Question one..
  .timer 1 2 msg $nick Which one of the five is least like the other four?
  .timer 1 3 msg $nick Dog, Mouse, Lion, Snake, Elephant.
on q1:text:*:?: {
  $iif($1 == snake, set %q1 3, set q1 0)
  msg $nick Question two..
  .timer 1 2 msg $nick What is the product of 4 and 3?
  .timer 1 2 msg $nick Input any answer.
  auser q1.5 %testing
on q1.5:text:*:?: {
  $iif($1 == 12, set %q2 3, set q2 0)
  auser q2 %testing
  msg $nick Question three..
  .timer 1 2 msg $nick If I have 3 apples and 12 mangoes, how many fruits do I have?
  .timer 1 2 msg $nick Input any answer.
on q2:text:*:?: {
  $iif($1 == 15, set %q3 3, %set q3 0)
  auser q2.5 %testing
  msg $nick Question four..
  .timer 1 2 msg $nick -5 + (+9)-(-8) is how much?
  .timer 1 2 msg $nick Input any answer.
on q2.5:text:*:?: {
  $iif($1 == -4, set %q4 3, %set q4 0)
  auser q3 %testing
  msg $nick Question five..
  .timer 1 2 msg $nick Which one of the five choices makes the best comparison?
  .timer 1 2 msg $nick Finger is to Hand as Leaf is to:
  .timer 1 3 msg $nick Twig, Tree, Branch, Blossom, Bark
on q3:text:*:?: {
  $iif($1 == branch, set %q5 3, %set q5 0)
  auser q4 %testing
  msg $nick Question six..
  .timer 1 2 msg $nick John needs 13 bottles of water from the store. John can only carry 3 at a time.
  .timer 1 2 msg $nick What's the minimum number of trips John needs to make to the store?
  .timer 1 3 msg $nick 3, 4, 4.5, 5, 6
on q4:text:*:?: {
  $iif($1 == 5, set %q6 3, set %q6 0)
  auser q4.5 %testing
  msg $nick Question seven..
  .timer 1 2 msg $nick If you rearrange the letters "LNGEDNA" you have the name of a(n):
  .timer 1 3 msg $nick Animal, Country, State, City, Ocean.
on q4.5:text:*:?: {
  $iif($1 == country, set %q7 4, %set %q7 0)
  auser q5 %testing
  msg $nick Question eight..
  .timer 1 2 msg $nick Choose the word most similar to "Trustworthy":
  .timer 1 3 msg $nick Resolute, Tenacity, Relevant, Insolent, Reliable.
on q5:text:*:?: {
  $iif($1 == reliable, set %q8 4, %set q8 0)
  auser q5.5 %testing
  msg $nick Question nine..
  .timer 1 2 msg $nick If you are using Excel, which function offers the most convenient and most popular approach for extracting data from other spreadsheets or workbooks without using the manual copy and paste method? This is a one word answer.
on q5.5:text:*:?: {
  $iif($1 == vlookup, set %q9 4, %set q9 0)
  auser q6 %testing
  msg $nick Question ten..
  .timer 1 2 msg $nick If a 65-year-old couple retires today, how much may they need today to cover their future health care cost?
  .timer 1 2 msg $nick This answer is only a figure and does not include a dollar sign.
on q6:text:*:?: {
  $iif($1 == 350000, set %q10 30, %set q10 0)
  set %mentalage $calc(%q1 + %q2 + %q3 + %q4 + %q5 + %q6 + %q7 + %q8 + %q9 + %q10)
  .timer 1 1 msg $nick Your IQ is: $calc((%mentalage / %chronoage)*100)
  ruser %testing
  .timer 1 1 unset %testing %q1 %q2 %q3 %q4 %q5 %q6 %q7 %q8 %q9 %q10 %mentalage %chronoage


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Jamiie   -  Nov 18, 2010

@bourneident I've always ran V6.31 only because NNS will only work with it, as far as I know it only works with V6.31 and older. Sorry about the inconvenience.

bourneident   -  Oct 15, 2010

doesn't work for me on mirc 7.1 any idea's or chance of an update

clarey   -  Mar 31, 2009

could you add a list of users that have taken the IQ test as well as the scores they got, and generate a listing on trigger !iqscores or something like that?

Jamiie   -  Feb 04, 2009

The scoring may be off, I'll check into it later and update.

Blitzjager   -  Feb 04, 2009

I wouldn't unset %q* :X
Too general

sunslayer   -  Feb 04, 2009

apparently my iq is 160 :D i like the idea
you can make

  .timer 1 1 unset %testing %q1 %q2 %q3 %q4 %q5 %q6 %q7 %q8 %q9 %q10 %mentalage %chronoage


  .timer 1 1 unset %testing , %q* , %mentalage , %chronoage
Jamiie   -  Feb 04, 2009

How would I go about allowing multiple users take the test at the same time?

Jamiie   -  Feb 04, 2009

All positive/negative comments welcome!

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