By ISOtuxraceINC on Jan 31, 2009

Are you tired of being invited or sajoined into a channel... or whats worse, when you are sajoined into a channel and then you are shunned so any script you have is prevented form letting you part a channel... this one has some timers in place to keep you out of a channel, and if you are shunned you will leave the channel as soon as you can.
change to the channel you want to stay out of

on *:invite:#<chan>: halt
on *:join:#<chan> {
  .part #<chan>
  .timerpart1 10 1 .part #<chan>
  .timerpart2 1 120 .part #<chan>


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Korvin   -  Jan 31, 2009

yeah, you should've coupled all of your scripts to just one post =/

ISOtuxraceINC   -  Jan 31, 2009

however, if you want to join on invite to all other channels except one, this is the way to go!

napa182   -  Jan 31, 2009

you can turn off join on invite in ur mirc options

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