mIRC [hug]script

By ISOtuxraceINC on Jan 31, 2009

This is my 5 script, it is flood protected.
I still use it
/hug <-- ~mushwars huggles #chan
/hug last <--
~mushwars huggles LastSpeaker [50 Hugs.]
/hug myLove <-- * ~mushwars huggles myLove [51 Hugs.]

on *:action:$(*huggle* $+ $me $+ *):#: {
  if (%huggleflood != ON ) {
    inc %huggle.recieved
    echo you have been huggled %huggle.recieved times
    inc %huggle
    describe # huggles $nick back, and plans somthing for $date [ $+ %huggle times]
  set -u5 %huggleflood on 
on *:TEXT:*:# {
  set %last.speaker $nick
alias hug {
  if ( $1- == $null ) {
    describe # huggles $chan
  elseif ( $1- = me ) {
    describe # huggles herself
  elseif ( $1- = last ) {
    inc %huggle | inc %hug $+ %last.speaker 
    describe # huggles %last.speaker $+ ! [ $+ %huggle hugs.]
  else {
    inc %huggle | inc %hug $+ $1
    echo %hug $+ $1 hugs!
    describe # huggles $1- $+ ! [ $+ %huggle hugs.]


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chachin   -  Dec 12, 2011

off topic question.. for Jethro.
how about a way to make your now playing look like this:

/me NP: Guns 'n' Roses: Civil War [ http://youtu.be/0VyqEloRWAU ]

instead of spamming like this:

/me NP: Guns 'n' Roses - Civil War [04:28m/985kbps/44kHz]

Jethro   -  Dec 11, 2011

Oh right. As it turned out, after three months, you were talking about not being able to see your own action. Yeah, the dot is to silence the client that runs the code. Personally I don't like to see my client repeat the same thing, so I silence mine in most of my bot related scripts :P ^^

chachin   -  Dec 11, 2011

ok i fixec it.. it was the 2 dots .ignore and .describe :\

chachin   -  Dec 11, 2011

Jethro your script works awesome. but when they hug me I don't see myself hugging back. like it does it but its invisible to me :( how can i change it so i can see my self hugging that person :)

Jethro   -  Sep 05, 2011

I try to trans fer it to my mirc it just didnt do nothing.chachin, the code I give you above is to work for the action, meaning if someone does a /me, /action or /describe command to hug or huggle you, it triggers to hug him or her back. It will not work for your own action.

chachin   -  Sep 05, 2011

sorry. i try to test it on a bot. it work there but when I try to transfer it to my mirc it just didnt do nothing. no errors no hug backs no nothing :(

Jethro   -  Aug 31, 2011

chachin. Here is it:

on $*:action:$(/(^| )(hu(g|ggle)s?) \Q $+ $replacecs($me,\E,\E\\E\Q) $+ \E( |$)/iS):*:{
  .ignore -cpu3 $nick 2 | var %2 = $regml(2)
  .describe $iif(#,#,$nick) $iif(s !isin $right(%2,1),$+(%2,s),%2) $nick

When a person hugs you, the code will hug him or her back. This works for both PM and channel. There is a trigger protection from whomever hugs you every 3 seconds only.

chachin   -  Aug 31, 2011

hey i have a question. how can i do a script that hugs 1 person only. when they hug me i dont want a hug counter. just a return hug script :o

chachin   -  Jan 31, 2011

awsome. works 100% perfect :D

Aucun50   -  Jan 31, 2009

Looks neat

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