$hidden - Disguise text with unicode :D

By NIGathan on Jan 18, 2009

Basically it converts the input into this:


Note: It does NOT work with a few fonts, so try different ones before complaining.

Just throw it into your remote.

If your using the default mIRC font, Fixedsys, I recommend download the updated version of this font here: http://www.fixedsysexcelsior.com/ It also has support for most unicode and does work with this script.

alias hidden {
  var %x 1, %xlen $len($1)
  while (%x <= %xlen) {
    var %return %return $+ ÒˆÒ‰ $+ $mid($1,%x,1)
    inc %x
  return %return $+ ÒˆÒ‰


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NIGathan   -  Jan 20, 2009

Johnson, Put it into remotes, if you want to put it in aliases, remove the first word from it, alias.

a careful warchild   -  Jan 20, 2009

it can go in either. And we are not obliged to tell you where to put it, does your mother tell you where to go for a s h i t??

Johnson™   -  Jan 20, 2009

another script and not telling "newbies" where it wants to go in mirc i.e aliases / remote ?

napalm`   -  Jan 18, 2009

Everyone <3's Facism

NIGathan   -  Jan 18, 2009

lol, thanks for the like :D

/me throws a 卍 at you

BabyJesus   -  Jan 18, 2009

ROFL@pedobear, nice man, do the nazi sign!

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