By Scakk on Jan 16, 2009

Completely redid it as the previous site , which did work , never updated and gave the same horoscope everyday. I have since altered it to get the one from the NewYork Post. It still uses the previous site for retrieving the dates the sign covers.

Usage: !horoscope sign

Update: Jan 18th 2009: Added $lower($2) in the trigger event. Added the dates the sign covers in the script.

Update Jan 18th 2009: Completely redid it to use a site that actually updates the horoscopes.

Update Jan 29th 2009: Had to redo it again as the site decided to not work at times.

Update Feb 11th 2009: Redid it yet again using another site as previous site altered the location of the stuff to much.

Update Sep 14th 2011: Redid entire script as site changed, yet again....

on *:text:!horoscope*:#: {
  if ($group(#horoscope).status == on) { msg $chan Please wait a few moments. }
  if ($group(#horoscope).status == off) {
    if ($istok(Aquarius.Pisces.Aries.Taurus.Gemini.Cancer.Leo.Virgo.Libra.Scorpio.Sagittarius.Capricorn,$2,46)) {
      set %horosign $lower($2) | set %horochan $chan
      sockopen horoscope shine.yahoo.com 80
      .enable #horoscope
    if (!$2 || !$istok(Aquarius.Pisces.Aries.Taurus.Gemini.Cancer.Leo.Virgo.Libra.Scorpio.Sagittarius.Capricorn,$2,46)) { 
      msg $chan Horoscope usage: !Horoscope <sign> 
      msg $chan Options: Aquarius Pisces Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn 
#horoscope off
on *:sockopen:horoscope: {
  sockwrite -n $sockname GET $+(/astrology/,%horosign,/daily-overview/) HTTP/1.1
  sockwrite -n $sockname Host: shine.yahoo.com
  sockwrite -n $sockname Connection: close
  sockwrite -n $sockname Authorization: Basic 
  sockwrite -n $sockname $crlf
on *:sockread:horoscope: { 
  sockread %horotemp 
  if (<h2 class="extended"> isin %horotemp) { set %horoover $nohtml($v2) }
  if (&ndash; isin %horotemp) { set %horotime $replace($nohtml($v2),&ndash;,-,/,$chr(32)) }
  if (<h2> isin %horotemp) { inc %t_t 1 | set %horoquickie $+ %t_t $nohtml($v2) }
  if (<p> isin %horotemp) { inc %r_r 1 | set %horooverview $+ %r_r $nohtml($v2) }
on *:sockclose:horoscope: {
  msg %horochan Sign & Dates: $colored($+($upper($left(%horosign,1)),$right(%horosign,-1)),12) $&
    @ $colored($horotime(%horotime),12) Today: $colored($gettok(%horoover,4-6,32),12)
  msg %horochan Quickie: $colored(%horoquickie2,3)
  msg %horochan Overview: $colored(%horooverview3,3)
  unset %horo* %t_t %r_r
  .disable #horoscope
; Usage: $colored(TEXT,N1,N2) or $colored(TEXT,N1,N2).b
; N1 & N2 are both optional.
alias colored { if ($isid) { return $+($iif($prop = b,$chr(2)),$iif($2 isnum 0-15,$+($chr(3),$iif($len($2) == 1,$+($chr(48),$2),$2))),$iif($3 isnum 0-15,$+($chr(44),$iif($len($3) == 1,$+($chr(48),$3),$3))),$1,$chr(15)) } }
alias -l nohtml {
  var %x, %i = $regsub($1-,/(^[^<]*>|<[^>]*>|<[^>]*$)/g,$null,%x), %x = $remove(%x,&nbsp;)
  return %x
alias horotime { 
  return $& 
    $month($gettok(%horotime,1,32)) $ord($gettok(%horotime,2,32)) $&
    - $month($gettok(%horotime,4,32)) $ord($gettok(%horotime,5,32))
alias month { 
  return $replace($1,10,October,11,November,12,December,1,January,2,February,$&
#horoscope end


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Adorkable   -  Aug 28, 2012

Apparently not, hopefully Scakk will see this and fix or comment.

cptpan   -  Aug 25, 2012

This no longer works?

startmeup   -  Sep 26, 2011

That worked just fine..thank you very much sir!

Scakk   -  Sep 26, 2011

In the script find the spot that has

msg %horochan Quickie: $colored(%horoquickie1,3)

change it to

msg %horochan Quickie: $colored(%horoquickie2,3)
startmeup   -  Sep 26, 2011

After your update< it worked fine...now I get his. I tried a fresh copy as well and still the same result...any ideas?
Quickie: yuhead-logo h2{ width:213px; height:48px; background-image:url(http://l.yimg.com/a/i/brand/purplelogo/uh/us/20/lifestyle/shine.png); _background-image:url(http://l.yimg.com/a/i/brand/purplelogo/uh/us/20/lifestyle/shine.gif); } .yuhead-logo a{ width:213px; height:48px; } .yuhead-logo div.yuhead-comarketing { width:213px; } Shine from Yahoo! Search

Scakk   -  Sep 16, 2011

@Jethro Fixed the channel bit. Interesting site there.

@GrimReaper. I use mIRC 6.35 also and did not get those $chr(9) ... Odd... Thanks for the score.

Warriorii  -  Sep 29, 2014

The horoscope didn't work for me. but not sure how to copy it. been a long time since I have been on here and it changed. use to u just hi-lighted and copied it but that don't work here. so I copied comments and all then deleted out everything except the script but it didn't work anyway. can someone tell me how the heck you copy scripts here lol?

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GrimReaper   -  Sep 16, 2011

Nice update Scakk.. I did find when I used it on mIRC 6.35, It came up with loads of $chr(9) characters.. I added a little $remove in the SOCKCLOSE part.

Get's a like and 9 from me. :)

Jethro   -  Sep 16, 2011

Scakk, I think you forgot to remove the listened channel #back-lot

There is a great yahoo site called yahoo pipes, which provides graphical user interface for building data that aggregates feeds, webpages, etc..

Check out this link for yahoo astrolgy:


You can also get it by clicking RSS or JSON.

The Pipe is made possible by a contributor, which makes finding a particular sign easily.

napa182   -  Sep 14, 2011

About time you updated this Scakk =P
8/10 +Like

Scakk   -  Sep 14, 2011

Update Sep 14th 2011: Redid entire script as site changed, yet again....

[11:20] <Goofy|AFK> !horoscope libra
[11:20] Sign & Dates: 12Libra @ 12 September 23rd - October 22nd Today: 12September 14, 2011
[11:20] Quickie: 03 Appreciate the smaller things in life -- even clouds in the sky deserve your notice.
[11:20] Overview: 03 Your love life can run on autopilot for the time being -- you need to focus all this social energy on other people! Old friends, colleagues, customers, family and more all need your attention now.

Warriorii   -  Sep 13, 2011

It was working fine for me then it just stopped. Hope u fix it we really like it and use it alot

Adorkable   -  Jul 28, 2011

I hope you can fix it Scakk, my room loves it!

Scakk   -  Jul 26, 2011

The site itself has completely changed its layout. I will either have to redo it from that site or from another one.

startmeup   -  Jul 26, 2011

Was working fine< now returns nothing...tried a fresh copy of it and still the same result.

[12:31] Sign & Dates: () Today:
[12:31] Quickie:
[12:31] Overview:

thats it....any ideas?

Cold_Fussion   -  Jan 04, 2011

[22:56:29] !horoscope aries
[22:56:31] Sign & Dates: 07() Today: 12
[22:56:32] Quickie: 03
[22:56:32] Overview:

mind telling me what server ur on and then i can maybe check from there?

Cold_Fussion   -  Jan 04, 2011

thanks..... will retry now.... :)

Scakk   -  Jan 04, 2011

I just tested it and it works fine. Perhaps the site was down for some reason.

[15:44] <Goofy|AFK> !horoscope libra
[15:45] Sign & Dates: 07Libra (9/23-10/22) Today: 12Tuesday, January 4, 2011
[15:45] Quickie: 03Stay focused on the important things in life -- if it's not fun, it's not right.
[15:45] Overview: 03Your home life could use some shaking up, and while that's not exactly fun, it is still vital. Make sure that your family or roommates get the heads-up so you don't take them by surprise.

Cold_Fussion   -  Jan 04, 2011

ok well can u please update this to work??? cos it seems outdated now thanks...

Jethro   -  Aug 16, 2010

Hmmmm...ok. I always presume that once a socket script stops functioning, it often, in most cases, has to do with the source code.

napa182   -  Aug 16, 2010

um the snippet seems to be working fine for me

<~napa182> !horoscope Virgo
<&Sick0> Sign & Dates: Virgo (8/23-9/22) Today: Monday, August 16, 2010
<&Sick0> Quickie: You're in a holding pattern right now. Wait until there's an opening and then move.
<&Sick0> Overview: Your curiosity isn't of the cat-killing variety, so go exploring and see what you come up with. It's a safe bet that your life gets a lot more interesting as a result. Inspire friends to do the same.

<~napa182> !horoscope Aquarius
<&Sick0> Sign & Dates: Aquarius (1/20-2/18) Today: Monday, August 16, 2010
<&Sick0> Quickie: Some private information is in danger of being divulged today -- plug up the leaks.
<&Sick0> Overview: Your working life is seeing a boost today, though it may not feel like one at first. In fact, you may be tempted to storm out of the office -- or interview -- but patience pays off in a big way.

Jethro   -  Aug 16, 2010

Jenny, the source code of the website may have changed. It's time scakk updates his snippet.

Jenny   -  Aug 16, 2010

Why is this suddenly not working anymore?

`Dean   -  Feb 06, 2010

Works great, thanks!

[13:47] <+`Dean> .horoscope scorpio
[13:47] <~exHelp> Sign & Dates: Scorpio (10/23-11/21) Today: Saturday, February 6, 2010
[13:47] <~exHelp> Quickie: Be patient and avoid temptation. What seems like a sure bet won't pay off.
[13:47] <~exHelp> Overview: Try not to worry to much about the past -- you need to focus on your vision of the future. It's a really good time for you to step up and enlist the aid of those who are sympathetic to your cause.

Al_Bundy33   -  Dec 19, 2009


Al_Bundy33   -  Dec 06, 2009

I like this horoscope script, doesn't flood either. Can you add a way that i can do /horoscope and it shows it in the room too?

greenlanter420   -  Mar 01, 2009

really nice script great updates it keeps getting better and better!

Scakk   -  Feb 10, 2009

Update Feb 11th 2009: Redid it yet again using another site as previous site altered the location of the stuff to much.

undertaker28   -  Feb 02, 2009

sites a bit of hit n miss but
but the script is awesome 10/10

PuNkTuReD   -  Jan 31, 2009

nice snippet scakk 8/10

Scakk   -  Jan 29, 2009

Update Jan 29th 2009: Had to redo it again as the site decided to not work at times.

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