$truncate - Limit a string

By Jonesy44 on Jan 07, 2009

Short snippet to limit a string's length. the idea is derrived from webpages which show the start of an article or phrase/etc.. this is the mIRC version


  where the letters represent;
    N - max length of string
    T - text to limit

    c - counts spaces as a character ($chr(32))
    e - removes ellipsis from the end (the "..")


alias truncate {
  if ($isid) {
    if ($1 !isnum) { return 2* $truncate: incorrect paramater $+($qt($1),;) $truncate(maxlength,text) }
    else { return $mid($2-,0,$iif(c isin $prop,$calc($1 + $numtok($mid($2-,0,$1),32)),$1)) $iif(e !isin $prop,$iif($len($2-) > $1,..)) }
  else { echo -a 2* $!truncate: error; this alias can only be used as an identifier ($truncate form) }


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Jonesy44   -  Mar 09, 2009

Ay, it made me lol :P

Kirby   -  Mar 08, 2009

Feety's avatar image is pwn. D:

Jonesy44   -  Mar 08, 2009

No worries, thanks for the +like too. loving that pic btw :L

Feety   -  Mar 08, 2009

Great script, thank you.

Jonesy44   -  Jan 08, 2009

ty :)

KronicDreamer   -  Jan 08, 2009

i use something very similiar w/ my theme i been working on for long nicks...

Looks good

Jonesy44   -  Jan 08, 2009

No comments? .. :(

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