Channel Rules

By Ch3m1stry on Dec 31, 2008

Just Type !rules And BooOm!

  on *:Text:!rules:#:{
    .timer 1 1 notice $nick List of Rules sent to you via PM. Check your Private Message Window.
    .timer 1 2 msg $nick 13The Rules In $chan Are :
    .timer 1 3 msg $nick 13No Flooding.. 
    .timer 1 4 msg $nick 13No profanity..
    .timer 1 5 msg $nick 13No OP or SOP Begging.. 
    .timer 1 6 msg $nick 13No Caps Abuse.. 
    .timer 1 7 msg $nick 13No Abusing/Annoying Behavior..
    .timer 1 8 msg $nick 13No Harrasment Of Other Users.. 
    .timer 1 9 msg $nick 13No Cursing..
    .timer 1 10 msg $nick 13No Swearing..
    .timer 1 11 msg $nick 13Please Obey Our Rules Thanks..!
    .timer 1 12 msg $nick 13End of Rules.


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Aucun50   -  Jan 04, 2009

a careful warchild, if you put it in a ini then you always have to have one rule because it will give you a error if you try and delete all of them, i would go with txt and then you can use the play command.

Good idea tho

a careful warchild   -  Jan 03, 2009

why not make a script where it rights to a .ini so you can add/remove rules? :P and remove those timers it does make it look a bit messy. but good anyway :)

alternativly, you could ust use one i made earlier :P well, about 20 mins ago

WillK1llin   -  Jan 03, 2009

i like it

Aucun50   -  Dec 31, 2008

I can see why he put the timers in i got a lot of lag without, for your msg $nick i would put notice $nick that way it doesn't pm making it beep a lot.

Jonesy44   -  Dec 31, 2008

No need for the timers, just fire away the text, it'll all arrive at the same time.

fraguk   -  Dec 31, 2008

Why not just put all the rules on 1 line.

DeathGod87   -  Dec 31, 2008

Wow...thats cool ^-^. But if I had that, that would look a bit like PM spam to me >.>

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