Xbox Room Snippet

By `Green on Dec 30, 2008

i made this for fun. you just paste it into the remotes and right click>join #Xbox>Register #Xbox.

it will ask for the person to give there Gamer Tag on join and ells them Hello. it will set the gamer tag to a var of there name

has flood protection. and will notice the user if they do not enter a Gamer Tag.


!MGT (will say your Gamer Tag on the channel)

on !*:JOIN:#Xbox:{
  msg # Welcome to #Xbox $nick
  .notice $nick to set your gamer tag please type !GT <gamer tag>
menu * {
  Xbox Chan
  .Join #Xbox: join #Xbox
  .Register #Xbox: cs register #Xbox $$?="What Do You Want The Password To Be?" xbox live
on *:TEXT:!GT*:#Xbox:{
  if (!$($+(%,GTF),3)) {
    set -u3 $+(%,GTF) on
    if (!$2) { .notice $nick NO GAMER TAG WAS ENTERED! }
    else {
      set %$nick $2
      .notice $nick Your gamer tag has been set to ( $+ $2 $+ )
      .notice $nick To View you Gamter Tag. type !MGT in the Channel.
on *:TEXT:!MGT*:#Xbox:{
  if (!$($+(%,MGTF),3)) {
    set -u3 $+(%,MGTF) on
    msg # $nick $+ 's Gamer Tag Is %$nick 


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napa182   -  Dec 31, 2008

on ur var

set %$nick $2

you should use

set $+(%,$nick) $2

and maybe put them under one on text event.

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