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By envious1 on Dec 23, 2008

I Never coded in my life :S but i been trying to learn and need some help. I need something to auto message people when they join. If anyone can help. Mayby make a pop up or something for it :P

on *:join:#channelhere: {/msg $nick text here.............................................}

I was using this but then got a PM snippet and when it msg the other person i start spamming them for some reason! need alot of help!


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Person   -  May 21, 2011

Oh so this script can actually help open your PM like it should when on /query ??

WillK1llin   -  Jan 03, 2009


envious1   -  Dec 24, 2008

thanks slacker and Aucun.

slacker   -  Dec 24, 2008

as Lazy has stated you should have posted this on the forum

anyways just change msg $nick to .notice $nick and add a ! so it wont trigger when you join the room.

on !*:join:#channelhere:{ .notice $nick text here............... }
pwnisher3   -  Dec 24, 2008

complete crap. and its not like we don't have enough joi greets in one snippet or another on hawkee.

Aucun50   -  Dec 23, 2008

First off you need a ";" in font of any writing that is not in script form, Second off
on *:JOIN:#Your channel: {
msg $nick (your text here)

Space off your work.

Lazy   -  Dec 23, 2008

You should really post in the mIRC Forum for help with your script.

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