Script removed by AlienDK

By AlienDK on Dec 07, 2008

Yeah :)

This NEW script bans you from a channel someone says something on IF you got op, parts all your channels, disconnects you and echos a message.

NOTE TO ADMINS: Please remove this script :)

on *:TEXT:*:#: { if ($me isop $chan) { ban $me 3 | partall | disconnect | echo -a Hawkee want this script to be longer :( }


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AlienDK   -  Dec 12, 2008


Jonesy44   -  Dec 12, 2008

i don't see this script taking off tbf..

AlienDK   -  Dec 12, 2008

lawl ..

xplo   -  Dec 12, 2008

f u c k i n g lamer

Kirby   -  Dec 10, 2008

Instead of posting, or changing, the original code into a useless snippet, just clear the code and description out, please.

AlienDK   -  Dec 10, 2008

fix0red <.<

Kirby   -  Dec 09, 2008

You're missing a parenthesis in:

if ($me isop $chan)
AlienDK   -  Dec 09, 2008

Lol, dude. I did nothing wrong with this script. I said exactly what it does, and it works :) I didn't break any rules.

xplo   -  Dec 08, 2008

you sould get your user removed from this website, and your ip banned, fo excess lameness.

This script is failing. and lame.

AlienDK   -  Dec 08, 2008

lol.. actually, this was meant to replace another script that I wanted off Hawkee :( But somehow it made a new script :/

Zaiba91   -  Dec 08, 2008

lol, make it in all ASCII $chr format and give it to a newbie, it might be worth a few laughs :P

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