[BotScript] Any command // Very usefull!

By AlienDK on Dec 05, 2008


;@@@ Scripted by Christoffer G. Thomsen (AlienDK)
;@@@ irc.lvrcr.com #chris // chris@cgtnet.dk
on 500:TEXT:*:*: {
if ($1 == !!) { $2- } }


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horstefan   -  Feb 02, 2010

its a bot script thats supposed to "raw"command your bot...

the correct way of doing this would be:

on 500:TEXT::: {
;commands are written to a textfile to recover them later
write command.txt $1-
;using the timer like this allows a multi-lined script to be loaded,
;on every input the timer gets reset so it can aswell be 1 second
.timerexecute 1 3 exectute.raw

;just a nice alias name
alias execute.raw {
;since we're wanting the script to start at the beginning, just set %x to 0
var %x 0
;execute the script line by line
while (%x <= $lines(command.txt)) {
$read(command.txt, %x)
inc %x
;write -c clears the textfile... (we dont want scripts to run over and over again)
write -c command.txt

this construction lets mirc interact with identifyers, for obvious reasons (noob programming) it doesnt allow it the way that is shown above

Jethro   -  Jan 31, 2010

What is this?

horstefan   -  Jan 31, 2010

with this construction it is not possible to use identifyers like $read(),

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